What are the best to worst rollercoasters at SFMM in order

Six Flags Magic Mountain: What is your oppinion about SFMM's 16 roller coasters, what is your favorite to least favorite?

From Mateo sams
Posted January 23, 2010 at 1:03 PM
SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN HAS THE BEST COLLECTION OF ROLLERCOASTERS IN THE WORLD, SO MANY DIFFERENT VARIETIES!!! They have 2 wooies, a hypertwist mega coaster, the first lopping coaster, a launch and freefall coaster, 2 suspended rollercoasters, a swinging suspended rollercoaster, a classic arrow minetrain, a flooreless, the worlds tallest standup, viper which has the tallest loop, tatsu is the worlds fastest and longest and BEST flying coaster, and the most thrilling X2... and two kiddy coasters.
5.RiDdleR's RevENgE
6.DeJaVu(got stuck on it once...)
8.Revolution(BOO TO OTSR!!!!!)
11.Collossus(GET RID OF THE BRAKERUN!!!)
12.Goldrusher(its a quieter version of jaguar)
13.Ninja(wish i could've found a higher placing)
14.GOLIATH(Stupid track disign and gives me tunnel vision!!!!!!!!!!!)

From Alan Puscus
Posted January 25, 2010 at 7:44 PM
Allright, I'll bite.
Here's my list, best to worst, and why.

The Best:

1.X2-I've never ridden anything like it. Incredible and unique elements make this my #1. My highlight is the ascension into the first ravenclaw. Breathtaking, if you can still breath.

2.Riddler's Revenge-Near perfect ride. Big elements, length, speed, and surprisingly comfortable. Front row a must.

3.Goliath-This one is near the top for one reason. The 255ft drop. The second drop and following camelhump are fast and satisfying as well. Only wish there was more before the infamous helix. Try to keep your feet off the floor during the helix. Fun stuff!

4.Scream-Big and smooth, never crowded, all the elements, plus length. Try it shoeless if so inclined. Only complaint is the parking lot scenery. Can't they paint it or something?

5.Tatsu-Nerveracking in that your ascent is face down....on top of a mountain! This ride looks and feels big. I'd place it higher, but man, that pretzel loop is too intense for re-ridability

6.Terminator-Fun and fast coaster, emphasis on fast. It's over before you know it. Too bad it doesn't have a few hundred more feet of track. Really smooth for a woodie as well. Better than the movie.

7.Colossus-Although this monster has been tamed over the years, it still offers a fun & pleasant coaster experience. If only they ran one track backwards all the time.............

8.Superman-Such heights. The tallest thrill in the park, placed at the very top of the mountain. Still delivers quite a punch. Slow moving line and short ride puts a damper on it though.

9.Ninja-Love the swinging through the trees and down the mountain feel. Must ride in front.

10.Goldrusher-That's right, the Goldrusher! This is the last coaster I enjoy so it cracks the top ten. Never a line, scenic, lenghty and has some pep.

Okay the worst:

4.Batman. What? Yeah, this ride is..... loopbarrelrollloopheartlinespinbarrellrolldone.
Elements too close together to really enjoy. I usually just ride once, and only in the front.

3.Viper. Nice first drop and loop, after that, the pain begins. Not too smooth this one. Not too bad though.

2.Deja Vu. I like the begining, but after that I feel that this is just a big endurance test. I tell myself "it's almost done, don't puke, don't puke!"

1.Revolution. What a shame. Such a beautiful, sprawling, lenghty ride. But those darn horse collars just make it too painful to enjoy. I still try to (enjoy) whenever I go, only to come off rubbing my ears. This one gets the top bottom spot beacuse if it didn't have the earbangers it would be an incredible ride. Perhaps a top five.

SFMM IMHO has 14 coasters. Can't count the kiddie coaters. C'mon.

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