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Knott's Berry Farm: Needing advice for Knott's trip this wkend...

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted May 13, 2010 at 3:04 PM
I know it's a bit late in asking but I'm planning to go to Knott's BF this wkend & stay at the Knott's resort Sat nite. I won't get there til at least 9pm unfortunately so that means I hafta vist park on Sun. and/or Mon. Does anyone know if we're allowed to leave our car in the hotel pking lot while we visit the park or do I have to park in the themepark's lot? If so, how do I get to the park from the hotel? Otherwise, if I do have to move the car into the themepark's lot, what's the best way to get over there, where's the lot located in conjunction w/the resort hotel? Is the best day to visit really Sunday or Monday? Would I get everything done (i.e. coasters & shopping) all on Sunday or would I need to come bk on Monday, should I just go on Monday instead? I only have like 3-4 hrs to spare on Sunday so that's why I'm asking abt Monday. Also, planning to goto a concert at the Nokia Center in LA on Olympic Blvd Sunday nite. Which is the best/fastest/lesser traffic way to get there? I was trying to choose between I-5N to 110, Hwy 91W to 110 then North or is there another, quicker route taking the 'back way'?? Does anyone know how the traffic is on Sunday in those two areas??? Would appreciate any help today as I'm leaving tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice! Thanks, in advance, to anyone who replies.

From Robert Niles
Posted May 13, 2010 at 5:48 PM
Last time I stayed at the Knott's Resort, I had no problem with parking in the hotel lot for the day before and after the nights that I stayed at the Resort.

Weekends are more crowded than weekdays at this point, as most LA area schools remain in session. That said, if you are ready to go when the park opens, I find that I can hit all the best rides at Knott's by early afternoon, even on a weekend.

On a Sunday, I would take the 91 to the 110. If you have two or more people in the car, use the carpool lanes. There's nasty construction on the 5 around the Knott Blvd exit.

From Nick Markham
Posted May 13, 2010 at 6:20 PM
Well, I stayed for five days from Thursday-Monday at the Knott's Hotel, and four of those days were spent at Knott's, so I have a VERY good idea of how the park works.

First off, during our stay, a friend of ours parked in the hotel parking lot with no problem. Just don't keep your car there overnight unless you are with the hotel.

As far as the best day to go, anyday works according to my quick plan as long as you can get there 30 minutes from opening. Please tell me if you can on any of the days and then I can tell you how to get the park done (quickly) in 2-3 hours.

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted May 13, 2010 at 9:53 PM
Thank you guys SOOOOOO much! I had a hunch to take 91 to 110 thanx! Due to time crunch on Sun. I think I'll stick to Monday. My bus headed bk doesn't leave til 8pm so I'm thinking I'll feel less rushed. Nick, as I stated in my question, I was debating on either Sun or Mon or little of both but I think I'll stick to Monday. I found another discussion thread on Knott's on here which provided a good idea of what to do. Thanks though, it was nice of you to offer!

From Nick Markham
Posted May 14, 2010 at 5:49 AM
EDIT: Here it is, most likely, as every Knott's thread on here I have posted the same plan and been pretty much the only one. :D

Well, here is what you REALLY REALLY need to consider that you can stretch out over anytime,as I know what time certain rides will open in the day and what areas the crowds are attracted to at which times.
Also remember this plan does not have to be rushed, and has been used affectively four days in a row, testing it on smaller crowds Thursday and Monday, and the larger ones Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So, when you get there before opening, the big surprise is that Ghost Town opens 10 minutes before the rest of the park. Once you take a first ride on Ghost Rider, leave for Silver Bullet. When you get there, you should be able to beat the crowds just coming in once the ropes are let down. Ride Silver Bullet and then head for Supreme Scream.

You will most likely notice Xcelerator start making test runs. Anyway, after Supreme Scream, either ride Xcelerator if it is open after its morning test runs, or head to Perilous Plunge and then come back to ride Xcelerator.

Now, head right for the Log Flume which will have just opened by now. Next, head for Bigfoot Rapids, barely beating the crowds coming in to cool off the heat, followed by Pony Express.

After this, any other coasters or rides are ones that always seem to have shorter lines (Montezooma's Revenge, Sierra Sidewinder, Jaguar)

Just make sure not to miss Mystery Lodge which is an amazing show with mystifying special effects leaving you to wonder, "how did they do that?"

From Robert Niles
Posted May 14, 2010 at 10:52 PM
Ditto on Mystery Lodge.

And thanks for that tour plan, Nick. Spot on. Great advice there. All I'd add would be that if you can get the front seat on Silver Bullet without too much of an extra wait by arriving early, go for it. Inverted coasters are much, much better when you can see what's coming, instead of having your view blocked by the seats ahead.

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