Any info on Magic Mountain?

Six Flags Magic Mountain: I plan to go later this year, and would like some tips. Thanks for the help :D

From Eli Katzman
Posted March 13, 2011 at 2:22 PM
I am one who thinks he may travel to a thrill-packed park at one point in time, which will make me create a thread on, which will then curse me and I will never appear there. ANYWAY:

So, I know it's far away, but in early November this year, I will most likely go to six flags magic mountain. Although I will probably go on a Saturday, I plan to have a blast. So, does anyone have any tactics? (Like I said I am amazingly impatient and should probably post this about 5 months from now, but whatever).

Also, does anyone know if Collosus or Deja vu still run whatsoever? And, don't flip out, but I want to go to SFMM over Disneyland... kill me. I might do both actually...

From Nick Markham
Posted March 14, 2011 at 3:23 PM
Get the Flash Pass. Period. When I went I waited to get my Fast Pass only to find out I needed it half way through my day. Still had a great day, but would have gotten more having purchased the Flash Pass sooner. SFMM is really all about the coasters (any other rides are really mediocre) and you get all coasters via Fast Pass (X2 and Apocalypse you get if you pay an extra fee). The Flash Pass also gives you discounts for food and shopping.

From Eli Katzman
Posted March 14, 2011 at 6:38 PM
Alright thanks. And should I get the gold? And how much cash is it for one/a party of 2? And I dono bout X2 or apocalypse, those both seem awesome, but not worth the 10 extra bucks or whatever...

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