Last week at your amusement park….Midweek Update…..May 5, 2011…

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: News and rumors are emerging about the Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2012 new roller coaster.

From Jeff Elliott
Posted May 5, 2011 at 11:43 AM
I couldn’t wait until Monday for this one… I will just have to write a little extra to make up for lack of other topics….thanks for your indulgences…

Sources: BGW Fans and Screamscape

Facts: Busch Gardens Williamsburg recently attended a City Council Board Meeting where they showed the layout of the 2012 new roller coaster track. Please take a moment to take a look at it…..go ahead we’ll wait….

((tap, tap, tap)) ((sigh)) ((tap, tap, tap))

You’re back? Ok, on with the story.

As you can see by the picture (and laying over some Google Maps and old park maps) the new roller coaster is going to use the Big Bad Wolf’s old ride station as well as many footers along the track. From the multi-source comparison, it looks like the new coaster is following Big Bad from the station to the first lift hill on the front side and the base of the second lift hill all of the way through to the break run and back to the station. What has been filled in by the “Event building” is all of the near misses of houses and buildings. What has been kept is the dive to the river/stream/creek. Keeping the footers certainly does not mean that the new roller coaster is the same height or even the same direction of travel as the previous coaster.

Busch Gardens did confirm that the new coaster would be a “multi-launching, high speed, electromagnetic roller coater”.

That is about where the facts end and the speculation starts up.

Lance Hart at Screamscape has been following this much longer than I have and originally speculated that the manufacturer will be from a German company (Maurer (Rip Ride Rocket), Mack (while mostly specializing in smaller rides, recently opened (2009) Blue Fire at Europa Park that is a large electro-magnetic propulsion 120 foot roller coaster) or Gerstlauer…all of which have experience with Vertical and/or Launch coasters. He later said that Intamin and B&M, although both Swiss manufacturers, also made sense. Of all of these, the only ones that I know of that have opened coasters with electromagnetic launches is Mack and Intamin (who is currently putting the final touches on Cheetah Hunt (electromagnetic launching coaster) at Busch Gardens Tampa).

In the speculation of ride buildings, Intamin is also the manufacturer of Thirteen at Alton Towers that has a “secret” ride building, although nowhere near as large as the one shown on the plans for Busch Gardens. The ride building is 80 feet tall and 26,000 square feet. In addition to the ride building, permits have also shown that there will be a themed bridge 95 feet tall.

And now for the wild speculation…

Rumors abound that this roller coaster will have a vertical launch (yes, I said vertical launch, lying on your back, straight up) to a height of 300 ft. The people claiming this are non-technical employees at the park. Which really makes me wonder if they have been eating the wild mushrooms before the training sessions…

Since not much of the ride is outdoors, what do you think is going to happen inside?

From Jeff Elliott
Posted May 5, 2011 at 10:57 AM
I have absolutely no facts to back this up, but (taking out the ludicrous vertical launch and 300ft thingie) I could totally see a launch out of the station going in the opposite direction of Big Bad Wolf, heading toward the river sections first. The straight away would give the coaster a booster enough to get it into the ride building (either that or an inline inversion of some sort) before the climax inside the ride building.

From Robert Niles
Posted May 5, 2011 at 2:02 PM
Based on our earlier report on SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment's trademark filing, I've gone ahead and listed this ride as Verbolten on our Busch Gardens Williamsburg page.

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