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Six Flags Magic Mountain: A question about wait times for the solo rider in April

From Kari Maples
Posted February 29, 2012 at 4:09 PM
I'm working in the LA area the first week of April and want to take a day to visit Magic Mountain. I will be going alone and am wondering if being a single rider will significantly help my wait times. Also In April do you think a Monday or a Tuesday would be better in terms of wait times? I'm from MI and haven't been to Magic Mountain since 1991. I'm excited to ride the X2. I spend a week at Cedar Point every summer and it will be nice to ride new rides. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

From Caroline Davis
Posted March 1, 2012 at 4:22 AM
I went to Magic Mountain solo a year and a half ago. I really enjoyed it, but I did buy a flash pass with a ride time for X2. I went on a Sunday because at the time of year I went, it was only open weekends. It wasn't too busy, but there are some queues that easily get to an hour or more (Tatsu and X2 definitely). I didn't want to queue alone for hours and hours, also I had one day to do the park and was scared that I would not get everything done. I'm not sure about the time of year you are going, just check there are no school holidays around LA at that time. It might be worth just winging it on the day, you should be able to get everything done even without a flash pass. Some of the rides it covers, you really don't need it for anyway.

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