Six Flags Georgia on 3/31 for a 7 & 9 year old.

Six Flags Over Georgia: Planning a trip to Six Flags on a horribly busy day but not wanting to do the thrill rides. Will it be a waste of a day? How backed up are the kiddie rides on this day? I need some input, please :)

From Lori Quillen
Posted March 16, 2012 at 9:23 AM
We are planning on going to Six Flags over Georgia on Saturday 3/31/12. I realize this is a BAD day to go. Opens their Spring Break week + Cheerleader Competitions. But we are planning on being in town and our kids would enjoy some fun. They are ages 9 and 7. We don't plan on doing any headliner rides. We are going to stick to the moderate/mild rides. My concern is about what should we expect for our day at Six Flags if we are sticking to the mild rides? Lines? Crowds? Fun factor? We just went to WDW in October so Six Flags is going to be such a step down from that experience. But we are prepared for that. The crowds at Disney were manageable when we went, but considering the size of SixFlags and the date we are going I am worried that there really be some mayhem!

From David L.
Posted March 16, 2012 at 10:54 AM
Hey Lori, You're right about the park being very busy, but I still think you can have an enjoyable trip. Here are some other things to expect:
-long lines on most rides including the milder coasters and especially water rides
-the theme isn't near the quality of Disney except for the Monster Mansion.
-Workers: Some are amazing, some are ok, and some are terrible. On my experiences(4-5 times a year) it's an even split between the three, so expect to meet some not that great workers, and definitely some apathetic ones.
-SFOG has a good selection of rides for everyone, so you and your family should have enough to do for the day.
-It can get hot...but there is lots of shade in the park except for a couple areas(USA, Promenade, Cotton States, and a few other areas here and there).
-Food: Expensive! Quality ranges from decent to bad.
-Parking is expensive, but with kids in tow, I would recommend using Six flags' parking lots and taking the tram(save your kids energy for rides) instead of using a cheaper
-Six flags is a big 260 or so acre park(Magic kingdom is 110 or so, though some say 150. Epcot is 300. DHS is about 150. AK is 500.)
-The park can sometimes be very dirty, but in general it's good about being clean.

So here are some tips:
-Like I said earlier, park at the park's lot and take the tram, but it's $15. You can park at one of the hotel lots($5-15) but be forced to walk.
-Get there 30 minutes before opening(so try to be there at 9:30)
-Get your tickets online-saves time and money
-Do the busy rides first or the rides in the back of the park first. The Canyon Blaster and Mine Train are the two mildest coasters, but that also makes for long lines(especially the Canyon Blaster).
-Splash Island water park will be busy if open, and probably won't be worth the effort.
-The water rides will have long lines so try to either do them early or brave the lines later in the day.
-Six flags won't let you bring in food or drinks, so i recommend buying a water bottle and filling it up constantly as you all will need to drink a lot.
-Try eating at the Wendy's nearby before and after the park so as to not have to eat in the park.
-Get to the Monster Mansion early if you can; this Disney quality ride is unique for a six flags and can get really long lines.
-Get a park map online to see what you're interested in before you go.
-Enjoy and post a trip report!

From steve lee
Posted March 16, 2012 at 5:26 PM
I just don't know that there's enough at SFOG for non-coaster people to really get their money's worth. Honestly, I'd recommend hitting the Georgia Aquarium instead...

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