Orlando wait times in july

Walt Disney World: A little reassurance for those planning a summer vacation.

From Laura Melville
Posted July 23, 2012 at 9:48 PM
A few months back, a tpi guest asked if he was correct to be worried about crowds in Orlando in July. Having previously visited five times in July, I tried to provide some reassurance that with good plans, early arrivals and fast pass that there is really no need to queue much at all. While most posters had a lovely discussion, one said that I was wrong and this was completely inaccurate, especially for the likes of buzz lightyear. As I hadn't been for a year, I realised I may be wrong therefore said no more. Today I have just returned from two weeks in Orlando, and am pleased to say my previous analysis was spot on. On Saturday the 14th of July, we waited 5 mins at 10am for Buzz. I returned at 1pm just to check and it had risen to only 25mins. I even took a photo of the wait time much to my family's amusement! Overall the only wait we had was 60 mins for despicable me, which I didn't feel was too bad for its opening week. We did every other ride in all 8 big parks with less than 30 minute waits, more often 10. Overall a fabulous Florida holiday in July. Yes it is hot with lots of people about, but it can be done. I just wanted to provide a bit of reassurance to those who can only travel in July, it can be a success!!

From Kelly Muggleton
Posted July 24, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Hi Laura, glad you had a good trip!
I have 6 weeks exactly to wait :-(
My sister is there at the moment and hasnt complained of any overly long wait times except, like you, Despicable Me. She went expecting long waits but I think most things they havent fastpassed haven't been bad at all.
I have been in August and had the obligatory 80 min Splash Mountain, 1hr Thunder etc. I think from this week forward it will get a bit worse.
No coincidence at all that I am going in 6 weeks when schools are back! :-)

From Martin Hughes
Posted July 24, 2012 at 2:18 AM
We were there in July last year. There were reasonable queues, but the fast pass system meant we barely waited at all. Fast pass is excellent if you know how to use it and are prepared to walk a lot! I wish six flags and cedar fair used this system !

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