Cedar Point vs. Magic Mountain Part 2

I'm posting the 2nd weeks matchups between some very good coasters. Also I have the results of last weeks match ups as well!

From Josh Morgra
Posted August 18, 2012 at 6:51 PM
Ok time for week 2 of 3 of the epic coaster wars between Cedar point and Magic mountain! Last week I posted only 3 match ups to kick of this 3 week series, the winners were Top thrill Dragster, Revolution and Apocalypse with the score 1-2 Magic Mountain. This week I have put together a list of 6 coasters from each park, some have more in common than others. First I want to thank everyone from participating in this thread, however I would really appreciate it if you to get to far ahead and just focus on the current match ups. I know most of you would love to get to the point but my goal here is to go into details about each of the coasters and pull out the pros and cons of each one. Second, reading some of your comments it sounded like you were wondering why I put Mean streak against Apocalypse. My reasoning behind this was because their only 4 wood coasters between the two parks, obviously Apocalypse is the best then Mean streak and Blue streak then Colossus. When I recently rode mean streak I really enjoyed the updates and I thought it was better than blue streak. However I was unable to ride Colossus so I don’t have to much room to talk their, however it more like Gemini. With that being said it leaves blue streak out of the 4 wood rides and so I ended up paring it with Viper which is no competition but I want as much match ups as possible. One more thing is that I would really like it if you put your votes at the bottom or top of your response.

Blue Streak(CP) vs. Viper (SFMM)

As I said above this is a very unfair matchup between two totally different coasters each giving you 2 different feelings. Viper is an 188ft. high has 7 interventions and get up to speeds of 75 mph, I thought the g’s on this ride where amazing and the loops were the best as well this is a very good ride that adds to the coaster collection at Magic Mountain. On the other hand their blue streak the oldest operating coaster at Cedar Point , it has 78 foot drop and 40mph and get good air time. This used to be my favorite woody at the park until mean streak updates.

Gemini (CP) vs. Colossus (SFMM)

These two coaster have a lot in common both are racer rides, both opened in 1978 (Gemini is 12 days older). Gemini also has a 2 foot higher drop but Colossus goes 2 mph faster than Gemini at 62mph and ride is about 400 feet longer. However both of these rides have a lot of down time and not much airtime. One big difference between them is colossus is a wood coaster, but Gemini is a hybrid between wood and steel which caused for a smoother ride in Gemini favor.

Jr. Gemini (CP) vs. Magic flyer (SFMM)

To be honest I really don’t think this so be added to the coaster count but they are both coasters so I guess I have to. I think the Jr. Gemini is better just because a bigger drop, but otherwise this is pointless.

Wicked Twister (CP) vs. Scream (SFMM)

This is another match up that is hard to compare, before Déjà vu closed I’d compare it with WS. Well Scream is a very nice coaster well put together and smooth it isn’t he most terrifying ride at MM but it’s a nice ride. It has a 141ft. drop 63mph and 7 interventions also it was the 8th B&M floorless coaster built in 2003. Wicked Sister is a boomerang type ride which involves a launch to 72mph and goes up to 206 ft. high. This is one of the only ride I actually like of this type it very intense and not that rough.

Raptor (CP) vs. Batman: The Ride (SFMM)

Two B&M rides that where made just months apart, the designed is almost exactly the same! Theses rides can’t be any closely related than they are right now. However some big differences is that the 1st hill on Raptor is 32 ft higher and max speed 7mph faster than it California opponent. Also I prefer the model at cedar point for 2 main reasons, first is because it is slight differences make this ride better. Second is because this is a one of kind ride where as Batman is used at 3 other parks! Beside that they are both very similar and very good rides I also thought the queue of the ride was better themed than Raptor.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride (CP) vs. Gold Rusher (SFMM)

To finish off this post I decided to put their mine rides to the test, both of them are minor rides but add to flavor of the parks. As far as statistics go Cedar pointh as the advantage with higher drops faster speeds and a longer ride. However Gold Rusher provides in my opinion some nice scenery with the trees and “enclosed feeling” which I felt Cedar Point didn’t do as well. They both are good rides for their type and like I said helps the park line ups.

Thanks everyone for reading, remember VOTE!!!! I really like if you make it easy to see your votes, and I would love to hear all your guys feedback over the post. I will post the rustles and our final set of match ups on the 25th so look back then!! I hope to see all of your votes, I think it should be very interesting.

From Bradley Keith
Posted August 18, 2012 at 4:13 PM
Gemini over Colossus.

Blue Streak over Viper.

Magic Flyer over Jr. Gemini.

Scream over Wicked *Twister. :)

Raptor over Batman.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride over Goldrusher.

I chose Gemini over Colossus because obviously steel is generally smoother than wood track. Gemini also has good airtime hills. I chose Blue Streak over Viper. If you look at the stats, you are probabuly like, Aww, come on! Then you come across, "Made by Arrow Dynamics." That's the game changer. Viper is a headbanger. Blue Streak is pretty smooth for a woodie. Viper might be more impressive for the park, but Blue Streak is a better ride experiance. Magic Flyer over Jr. Gemini because Jr. Gemini is simply too Junior. Both are older kiddie rides. Jr. Gemini is Intamin at it's best. Just kidding, not at all. Scream over Wicked Twister. WT is much more popular, but Scream is again, more impressive for the park. Both are fun, and it's hard to say, but if I was opening a park, Scream would be my choice. Those are hard to compare. Raptor over Batman. Both have been cloned/mirrored, but Raptor has a Cobra Roll, is taller, and longer. Cedar Creek Mine Ride over Goldrusher. CCMR seems like it's more "miney" with the wooden supports. Goldrusher has yellow track... CCMR seems like a better ride, too.

From Mike Gallagher
Posted August 18, 2012 at 6:42 PM
"Viper is an 188ft. high has 7 interventions"

Why so many? Were the riders still on drugs after the first six?

"Wicked Sister"

Cedar Point's stealing from Cinderella? Alert Disney IMMEDIATELY!!!

From Joey Till
Posted August 18, 2012 at 8:21 PM
VIPER vs. BLUE STREAK: I honestly enjoyed Viper, If arrow would have designed smoother transitions and more comfortable trains this could be a top coaster at the park. However, Blue Streak is a very fun ride that is simply enjoyable. Good air time, and Fun for everyone, while Viper's fans are usually ones who don't mind rough rides......BLUE STREAK wins.

GEMINI vs. COLOSSUS: You said Gemini has no air time? I find Gemini to have great air time, much more than Colossus. However, I found Colossus VERY smooth so Gemini dosn't automatically get the point here, But Gemini is more fun while Colossus dosn't provide as much excitement. I like both rides, but GEMINI wins

Magic Flyer vs. Jr. Gemini: Jr. Gemini wins? Sure.

WICKED TWISTER vs. SCREAM!: I like Intamin Impulse coasters, very fun, and just plain thrilling. However when you compare it to a seven inversion floorless, It gets swallowed by the number of elements Scream has. Scream brings somnthing different troughout the ride through each element, while Whicked Twister does the same course back and fourth which can loose excitement. Both are fun rides, and really it is quite close, but SCREAM wins.

RAPTOR vs. BATMAN: The Ride: I was pleasantly suprised by Raptor, and find it very enjoyable. It is spread out, causing smoother transitions and a longer ride. Batman is a fun ride, but is very short, and is very compact. Raptor gives you the feeling of flying while Batman kinda just whips you around. Batman is fun, but almost every other B&M invert model is a better coaster. So with this one, RAPTOR wins.

GOLD RUSHER vs. CEDAR CREEK MINE RIDE: These are two of the more "tame" mine trains. This is very close, but I like Gold Rusher because it has a nice, scenic ride, and seems to have more speed. GOLD RUSHER wins.

I rode Superman and forgot to vote, but incase you are willing to still take votes from last week, Top Thrill wins. I was quite suprised by Superman and really liked it though.

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