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Six Flags Magic Mountain RIDE RATINGS

Six Flags Magic Mountain: See what I thought of each ride!

From Joey Till
Posted August 21, 2012 at 9:31 PM
Hey guys! If you read my trip report, you saw that there was to be a rating system. I planned on adding it sooner, but could not find time as this is a very long post. Well here it is! In the category of airtime, I rated looping coasters based on the "fun feeling" you get. Its hard to explain, but on a floorless coaster for instance, you always get that feeling when you ride. Its confusing I know. I just feel its unfair to down grade them on airtime if they were not designed for it. So if you see a ride like Batman get an airtime rating of 8.0, its dosn't mean real airtime. I put a * for the coasters that have a mixed meaning to rate. Somthing else to note would be that comfort refurs to the seats, while smooth refurs to how it rides. Kinda comon sense, but thought I should note just incase. Expect is how good of a ride I expected. A 100% would be expecting my new #1 coaster, for instance.

nervous: 8%
expect: 87%
outcome: 85% (-2)
times ridden: 3

smooth: 7.5
intensity: 9.0
comfort: 8.5
airtime: 8.0
thrill: 8.5
theme or style: 9.0
constant excitement: 9.0

RIDE OVERVIEW: This ride was fun! Just a plain fun ride. However, I expected less crazy speed, and more airtime. I did not get as much airtime as I wanted. This ride is still a great wooden coaster with a good bit of theming, but I was expecting more of an Evel Kinevel (amer. thunder) type ride. The ride is worth a try if coming, as there is nothing this out of control in the park.

Nervous: 1%
Expect: 82%
Outcome: 80%
Times ridden: 1

Smooth: 8.5
Intensity: 9.0
Comfort: 8.5
*Airtime: 8.0
Thrill: 8.5
Theme or Style: 8.5
Constant Excitement: 8.0

RIDE OVERVIEW: Rode it to say I did it, as I have the same model 45 minutes away from me. I kinda blacked out on it, which was weird. It kinda happened at the one in Georgia as well. For the general public, this is a very good ride. As a theme park enthusiast, there is no need to ride unless you want to. Now I like the ride, and ride it a lot at my home park,but when traveling, there is no need to ride it. Its a good ride though. It got a higher rating then I expected.

nervous: 12%
expect: 79%
outcome: 75% (-4)
times ridden: 1

smooth: 8.0
intensity: 6.5
comfort: 7.0
airtime: 7.5
thril: 7.0
theme or style: 6.5
constant excitement: 7.0

RIDE OVERVIEW: Colossus was super smooth, and may even say smoother than Apocalypse. However the ride lacked the speed and thrill that Apoc. delivered. The ride was a great family ride, with some air, but not a lot. The ride was smoother than most old wooden coasters I would say, but It is also less thrilling that other old woodies. Take your family on this! Its one of the most family friendly rides in the park. If your looking for thrill, you will simply find a calm nice fun ride, without much thrill. Some, but not a lot.

nervous: 2%
expect: 67%
outcome: 69% (+2)
times ridden: 1

smooth: 7.0
intensity: 5.5
comfort: 6.0
airtime: 6.0
thrill: 6.0
theme or style: 6.0
constant excitement: 7.0

RIDE OVERVIEW: Gold Rusher, like all arrow mine trains, has some jerky bits. However, the ride was faster than I expected, and gained decen't speed through the ending helix. The ride was not as good as some others that have the drops into the dark, but was a little better than I expected. I honestly enjoyed it. However Six Flags needs to clean up the gum people stick on the ride when going up the lift.

nervous: 28%
expect: 90%
outcome: 94% (+4)
times ridden: 2

Smooth: 9.0
Intensity: 9.5
Comfort: 9.0
Airtime: 8.0
Thrill: 9.0
Theme or style: 8.0
Constant Excitement: 8.5

RIDE OVERVIEW: I was not super impressed with Titan, and found it to intense. That was five years ago however, and I was ready to give this beast a try. The ride seemed so small standing next to Superman, but when you get to the top, you realize 235ft. is a long way down! The rides drop was pretty good! Giving you the "tickle" more and more until you level out. The rides third hill gave good air as well, but was unfortunatley the last of the airtime (the reason its airtime is an 8 only). The ride has some nice intense curves upon entering the helix. I did black out, but that did not change my love for this ride. Ended up being my second favorite, and would love to ride it again in a heartbeat. This ride has a low height restriction, which is great, but I have a feeling it might be to intense for those of 48".

nervous: 36%
expect: 86%
outcome: 81% (-5)
times ridden: 1

Smooth: 8.0
Intensity: 9.0
Comfort: 8.0
Airtime: 8.0
Thrill: 8.5
Theme or Style: 9.0
Constant Excitement: 8.0
Overall: 8.36

RIDE OVERVIEW: I don't know if I expected to much, but this ride was not as good as I wanted it to be. It was pretty fun, and pretty intense, but I expected little pops of airtime, along with smooth upside down manuvers. Instead it had some airtime i guess, and a BRACE YOURSELF upside down manuver. The ride was pretty crazy towards the end. Overall I was a little disapointed, but would love to try it again. It is a must try as it is the only one in the U.S.

nervous: 92%
expect: 97%
outcome: 89% (-8)
times ridden: 2
* I know its rediculous to rate a drop tower on smoothness, but I wanted it to fit in with the same scale as the coasters to compare.
Smooth: 9.0
Intensity: 8.0
Comfort: 8.5
Butterflies: 8.0
Thrill: 9.0
Theme or Style: 9.5
Constant Drop: 7.5

RIDE EVALUATION: This ride was as scary looking as they come! But after riding, I must say, its not that bad! The scariest part is when you can kind of feel the tower shaking, and if Superman rushes by while your on the tower, that thing REALLY sways!! That part really freaked me out. However, you cannot really tell 400 ft from 200 ft when you are at the top. When we hit the top, I was like, "where halfway there." That just shows its not as bad as it seems. On the map, it is shown as a moderate thrill. I was laughing in line on how stupid that is, but after I got off, I agree with them! The drop did not even give me that many butterflies. It did at first, but the rest it did not. I expected a 97% for this because well, Its the tallest free fall tower! it has to have the best drop ever. After I got off and realized the drop was no worse than the splat-o-sphere at Nick Univ. I half to say I was kind of disapointed. The ride looks great, the theming is top notch for Six Flags, but the scare factor is over rated. The ride however is just plain fun! and would ride it anyway. If your scared, don't be. Its barely anything.

nervous: 0%
expect: 74%
outcome: 79% (+5)
times ridden: 1

Smooth: 8.0
Intensity: 7.5
Comfort: 7.5
*Airtime: 7.5
Thrill: 7.0
Theme or Style: 7.5
Constant Excitement: 8.0

RIDE OVERVIEW: Ninja uses the terrain to its advantage by constantly flying down the hill, instead of most suspended coasters that stop half way to go up a second chain lift. Ninja finnished with a second lift, so its non stop action. The ride was fast, fun, and great for families. It will most likely always be a walk on, so use this ride as it is kind of an unreconized coaster.

nervous: 4%
expect: 72%
outcome: 81% (+9)
times ridden: 1

Smooth: 8.0
Intensity: 7.5
Comfort: 6.5
Airtime: 7.5
Thrill: 7.0
Theme or Style: 7.5
Constant Excitement: 7.0

RIDE OVERVIEW: I heard a lot of headbanging was common on this classic ride. I was prepared to face anything, and simply got in the front row, and enjoyed what was my first coaster I rode there. There was no headbanging through the entire ride, and really enjoyed it! It could be that Im pretty good with moving acording to the coaster, and that I sat in the front, but I had a seperate opinion from its reputation. During my second day, my dad and sister rode it while I rode Tatsu. They said that it was much rougher towards the back, and that they liked it less. I rode it with one good ride, so my opinion is its a good ride, but if I would of ridden with them, maybe I would of had a different reaction. Overall give it a try, and sit in the front I guess!

nervous: 9%
expect: 88%
outcome: 90% (+2)
times ridden: 2

Smooth: 8.5
Intensity: 9.0
Comfort: 7.0
*Airtime: 8.5
Thrill: 9.0
Theme or Style: 8.5
Constant Excitement: 8.5

RIDE OVERVIEW: I was super excited for Riddler, and was one of the top coasters I wanted to ride. My first ride was hard to enjoy as I has a headache at the time, and I was on my tip toes, causing PAIN to the calves. First to start, this is a great ride that can be ruined if your seat is to high. When people mention pain to the legs on standing coasters, they most likely were adjusted to high. My second ride was in the very front row with a much lower seat height, and LOVED the ride. It ended up being my fourth favorite in the park. Nice loops, sweet smooth curves, and a little airtime actually! This is one ride you need to go on if you visit. However, capacity is rediculous and waited way to long then I needed to when I visited. It was the longest wait of the trip. If a line is longer than X2's, you know its bad operations. Ride it though!

nervous: 3%
expect: 85%
outcome: 87%
times ridden: 2

Smooth: 8.5
Intensity: 8.0
Comfort: 8.5
Airtime: 8.0
Thrill: 8.5
Theme or Style: 7.0
Constant Excitement: 8.5
Overall: 8.14

RIDE OVERVIEW: Scream is by far the most under rated coaster in the park, as it kind of just sits in the corner of the park away from other rides (besides colossus). I liked this ride much more than the rating shows, as it ended up being one of my favorites in the park. The parking spaces were terrible, though. The ride needed paint BAD, but I can let it slide because the other coasters seemed well kept. Don't forget this one while you visit! It has the sensation of riddler, but more comfortable.

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From Mike Gallagher
Posted August 22, 2012 at 4:15 AM

You're overcomplicating it.

From Joey Till
Posted August 22, 2012 at 8:25 AM
Yeah I know. I woke up this morning realizing how much time I wasted haha. Oh well, I guess Its kind of cool to look back at. I had X2 and all the other missing rides in here but I don't know where they went.

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