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Disneyland: Making magic, indeed....

From Russell Overland
Posted January 22, 2013 at 11:20 PM
When my wife and I found out we were expecting a little girl in 2008 we along with our families were very excited. One of my sisters had given to us a teddy bear and a card in congratulations before our daughter was born. Since Marie our daughter was born she has always had this very special teddy bear that she called “special bear” with her. About a month ago Marie and I were going about our usual trip to the Disneyland resort in California. Sometimes we stay for a show at night but most of the time we take off. This particular day she wanted to see World of Color so we got our fast passes and watched the show. After the show we boarded the trams and got back to the car when I discovered that her special bear was missing. Marie was crying and very worried about her. My heart was crying for her loss and I felt so helpless in finding special bear. I called Lost and found immediately but the number only rang and rang. I decided that we should go home and hopefully someone would find special bear and turn him into Lost and Found.

The next morning I immediately started calling lost and found and got a very cheerful cast member on the phone. I gave her a description of the bear but there was none there matching that description. I was instructed to call back in a few hours as lost and found items would be coming in all morning from the day before. I promptly did so and unfortunately there was no sign of the bear. The helpful cast member than took down in a report the particulars of the bear’s description. I told the cast member the history of the bear and of Marie’s concern and she was very understanding. I called back for a few days but to no avail. I had found a similar bear on eBay the same week in an attempt to help Marie feel better. Now fast forward to today and a package came in the mail from Disneyland to Marie. Marie was taking her nap at the time it came and we were chomping at the bit to know what was in it. When Marie awoke I explained that a package from Disneyland had come to her in the mail and she was just standing there with hope in her eyes. We opened the package to discover two items. One was a letter that read:

Dear Marie,

Hello! How are you? I heard you lost your friend, A special Teddy Bear. I’m searching high and low, but he’s very good at hide and seek!

In the meantime, I found another friend for you. She’s a good friend of mine. Her name is Lady, and she is really nice and excited to meet you!

Don’t worry, though, I’ll still keep a look out for your special teddy bear! I can’t wait until you come visit me again here at the Disneyland Resort!

(Was signed by “Your Pal Mickey Mouse”)

The second item was an adorable Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Marie was crying as we all were and for me I was completely speechless as to what to say but wow. We are planning on visiting tomorrow and are going to be stopping by to thank Mickey Mouse and lost and found for all that they do. This was truly a magical experience that only Mickey could deliver.

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