WDW – Room Options with 3 sleeping areas?

Walt Disney World: Please, I need help to find the best room option for upcoming trip! Thanks! :)

From Guillaume Boily
Posted March 13, 2013 at 10:26 AM
Dear TPI readers,

I would like recommendation for on-site room options at WDW. We need 3 sleeping areas and have young kids.

Here is what I found so far:
All-Star Music - Suite ($2,000 for a week)
Pros: cheapest option.
Cons: low rating on TPI, expensive for an "old" value-level but you pay for the suite, food court can be chaotic, and transportation is not the best in value resort (per prior experience at Movies and POP Century).

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Pool view room with queen and bunk bed ($2,250 for a week after Spring Discounts)… It would meet our needs for sleeping areas.
Pros: Animal Kingdom Lodge has great rating/reviews. Pool view rooms are close to lobby, food court, transportation (great with young kids).
Cons: probably the smallest room of all three options.
Question: How is the food court at AKL compared to value food court? Is the transportation better to Deluxe resort than Value resort?

Art of Animation – Suite, but won’t be able to choose between Nemo, Cars or Lion King ($2,420 for a week after discounts).
Pros: Brand new. Looks terrific.
Cons: Expensive for a value-level room? Prices are probably inflated with the hype around this new resort. Unable to choose the theme – we could be far from lobby, food court, transportation, which is not ideal with young kids.

I am leaning towards the AKL option… We’ll probably return to WDW in a couple of years, when A of A could become cheaper.

Thanks a lot!

From sarah g
Posted March 14, 2013 at 7:08 AM
Wait, you can book AKL for less than Art of Animation??? What are waiting for??? Book it, now!!!

To answer your question, I really enjoy the Mara, which is the "food court" at AKL. Their options are definitely a little higher level, but have the same kids type of menu you would find other places. The room may be smaller, and as for transportation, remember that AKL is kinda out there. So your trip times to the other parks, especially MK, are going to be a little lengthy. But to stay at THAT resort.... SO WORTH IT. (can you tell how much i love AKL yet??)

Out of curiosity,did you happen to check availability for the Ft. Wilderness Cabins? You can sometimes get great rates on those, and they are fantastic. Double bed, bunk bed, AND murphy bed. also a full kitchen! It would definitely be the most spacious option. they don't have a "food court", but do have Trail's End, which is pretty delicious. Transportation is great from there too, as you can take a ferry to MK, and then bus to everywhere else.

Good luck, let us know what you book!
Good luck!

From Brian Emery
Posted March 14, 2013 at 9:02 AM
First have a great vacation and thanks for vacationing in the USA….

Now I always stay at a Sheraton Retort on the RT- 535 in Buena Vista. If you have a rental car your choices are endless. The resorts or Villas have two to three bedrooms..

I am staying at a Sheraton for a week in April for $1,300 – Two bedrooms with three beds and a pull out coach\Bed.. Plus two full bathrooms…

From Anthony Murphy
Posted March 17, 2013 at 9:00 PM
I would take a look at Old Key West Resort. It is near Downtown Disney and the two bedroom has three beds and a pull out bed in the family room.

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