Revitilizing Disney World Part Two: Epcot: World Showcase

Walt Disney World: My Dream Plan tp revitalize Epcot. Ideas for making World Showcase better.

From Armando Thomas
Posted May 3, 2013 at 1:07 PM
With Walt Disney World’s 5oth Anniversary coming up I was dreaming of some ways to spruce up and revitalize the parks. This of course is a dream plan and I don’t expect it to happy but would be really fun.
Part Two: World Showcase
The new Epcot Park would bring the park back to life. In addition to the new Discoverland (Former Future World) the new Epcot would also have a revamped World Showcase. The biggest addition would be a giant Ocean Liner docked in front of Discoveryland; however it will serve as the gateway to World Showcase. On The Front Facade it will resemble a scaled down Titanic. A Titanic type 3 D Theater that will put guest in the middle of history. The Ships deck will also be the new viewing area for a new nighttime laser/fireworks spectacular. Recreating The Fourth of July Every Day. A Scale model of The Statue of Liberty and Elias Island will be placed in Front of The American Adventure will serve as The Main Stage. During The Day it will be The Prime Viewing area for a new Parade on The Lagoon. Celebrating countries from around the world that are not represented in World Showcase. While a new Pavilion would be great, I decided to concentrate on improving existing pavilions.
Mexico: The biggest change would be to add an Indiana Jones Roller Coaster both indoors and outdoors themed to Mayan Gods. The Interior of El Rio Del Tempo would be used as well as a lush rainforest finale with a jaguar animatronic. The entrance and loading area would be outside to The Left of The Pyramid.
Norway: The biggest fix would be to add scenes to The Maelstrom. Put some Fjord Rock work behind The Pavilion and add some additional drops. The Theater can go to add more room. A Swinging Viking Ship over The Lagoon would also be a good touch.
China: With China changing so much it would be really cool to have a modern section added. Maybe a Replica of The Tower from Shanghai that could house a new restaurant and also VIP viewing point for The Shows. A Junk Boat in The Water would also be very cool. A was thinking a new roller coaster attraction that could borrow from Animal Kingdoms Dragon Tower but put a Chinese theme to it.
While The Outpost is not necessary and could be used for a future pavilion it would virtually remain the same. Possible a new home for Leave the Legacy.
The Germany Pavilion would get its own attraction. A dark family style ride similar to Mystic Manor themed to The Grim Brothers Fairy Tales.
Italy really needs some work. It barely represents the country, only Venice. We could fix this by adding a Coliseum façade in the background. Housed inside The Coliseum would be a family style ride where guest battle Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses. Guest would board Chariots equipped with laser technology. And the other addition would be The Screaming Tower of Pisa. A Slanted Free Fall/Launch Tower. Not as themed as The Tower of Terror. More of a Dr Doom Style ride.
Japan: The Kamakura Typhoon would be a water coaster themed to tour the beautiful village of Kamakura. However warning sirens go off and you’re suddenly whisked away on a flume style coaster.

American Adventure: As well as The New Statue of Liberty and Elis Island in The Lagoon guest would see two new attractions added. The Hall of Presidents From Walt Disney World would relocate here to allow for expansion at The Magic Kingdom, and a new Sleepy Hollow Dark Ride would take guest into The World of The Headless Horseman. The American Adventure Show itself would be complete redone only keeping a few of the former scenes.

Morocco: I really can’t think of anything to add here. I had envisioned a new Haunted Attraction for Discoveryland Dracula’s Castle. If that doesn’t work maybe a new Haunted Castle with a Moroccan theme.
France: Put in a better version of The Eiffel Tower that guest can actually go up in. Take of The Show and add a clone of The Ratatouille Ride from Disney Studios Paris.
The United Kingdom: This section would especially get some new attractions. Build The One Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction and Also The Alice and Wonderland Ride. I know the film is not as popular as it once was but The Robinhood Movie would be cool or 101 Dalmatians.
Canada: It was rumored years ago for a clone of Grizzly River was coming to Canada. How about a non-tube white water raft experience?

From James Trexen
Posted May 3, 2013 at 3:36 PM
You know, you didn't need to start a new thread to continue your ideas. Posting them in a response would have been sufficient.

From robert morris
Posted May 6, 2013 at 5:09 PM
So basically spend another billion dollars on World Showcase with no basis of size and scope of buildings...clever

From Armando Thomas
Posted May 7, 2013 at 9:13 AM
Like I said its a dream plan. And I actually looked at an aerial Satelite view and there was plenty of room. As far as billions of dollars, it would bring more people in and double capacity.

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