What's Next for Busch Gardens Europe?

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Just thoughts about what BG Williamsburg could be planning next.

From Jesse Saywell
Posted January 31, 2013 at 3:14 PM
Anybody have any ideas as to what BGW might be planning next? They've done a LOT in the past few years - from completely renovating the Oktoberfest section of the part, to Europe in the Air, to adding Christmastown and revamping Howl-O-Scream, to Mach Tower, and of course last year the addition of Verbolten.

I hear lots of rumors here and there.

Here's something that I find to be highly unlikely:
A replacement for Loch Ness Monster.

I know this is something that people have been expecting since Big Bad Wolf was taken out. Here's the reason this won't happen:

In talking to people at Busch Gardens, they say that it would be much more difficult to take down Loch Ness than it was with the Wolf. The pillars are entrenched DEEPLY in the earth. It would cost more to take down Loch Ness than it would to put up a new one. I think that Loch Ness will be there until it's just unable to compete on any level anymore.

I hear the rumors about a new country being added - it's been over a decade since the Ireland was added, and people are really eager for that to happen. Busch certainly has the land available to do it, but I'm not sure they have the desire to do it yet. I tend to think that Greece might be a country they'd like to go after - Greek mythology would be something they could really play with. Spain might also be an interesting and different country that they could add. However, the most reasonable country to add (and one that would likely not take up much space) would be Holland. It fits with their current countries, and is yet different. If they were to do it, the most reasonable place would be up where Drachen Fire was, behind the Festhaus. I don't think that's in the planning, but I'm pretty sure we'll see SOME level of change in the countries in the next 4-8 years.

They won't add another coaster for at least another 4 years. That's the exact time frame between the opening of Griffon and the opening of Verbolten. Before that, Busch hadn't built a new coast in almost a decade. However, Busch is much more innovative and driven to compete now.

So what do YOU think Busch Gardens Europe(Williamsburg) will build next? What do you WANT them to build next?

From Russell Meyer
Posted February 1, 2013 at 7:35 AM
A new country has been rumored for the park for years. However, with the installation of Verbolten makes it a bit more difficult (the rumored new country was supposed to connect Festa Italia and Octoberfest via a new bridge between Festhaus Park and the stables. The park has been running into capacity issues in the past few years with the gates closing on Saturday afternoon, during Howl-O-Scream, and even during Christmastown. A new country would add much needed capacity to the park, but it's got to be done right, and now just an overlay of an existing area like Ireland (formerly Hastings).

As far as attractions, the park, in my opinion, is still short on high capacity flat rides. Mach Tower was a decent addition (they probably should have just bought an Intamin tower because this Moser tower's been nothing but problems), but all of the other adult flat rides (Davinci's Cradle, Battering Ram, Flying Machine, Tradewinds, Turkish Delight, Catapult, and the swings) are aging, and don't offer the capacity of newer flat rides.

I would agree that a new coaster is probably at least another year or two out, but let's not forget that they building DarKastle and Griffin (two very expensive installations) in back to back years, so just because they built a big ride last year doesn't mean another one is not right around the corner.

As for Loch Ness Monster, it's really not an issue of how deep the caisons are for the supports, it's a matter of being able to reuse them for a future coaster installation. They were able to use almost all of the old Big Bad Wolf supports for Verbolten, and if not, they could just leave them in place. Don't forget, they installed caisons for Griffon right next to Loch Ness without any problem, so if they needed to install some more for a new coaster in the area, it shuoldn't be a huge deal.

I would like to see them revamp the Globe Theater and purchase a real property for a better 4-D attraction. The theater not only need a new projector, but it could really use new seats and a non-slip floor.

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