Weight restrictions at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ

Six Flags Great Adventure: Do you think I'll have a probably with rides?

From K L
Posted July 18, 2013 at 5:11 AM
I know this has definitely been asked many times before but I haven't seen anything that are close to my specific issue so I don't have anything good to judge by.

Also before I begin with details, I DO know that every ride has a sign with their weight restrictions listed on it. However, I'd rather not drive the 2 hours and pay the fee to get in, only to find I can't ride anything. This is more about size rather than weight, anyway.

I'm 5'6" and 249-250lbs. Most of my weight is in my stomach, however I can suck it in enough to take off about an inch or 2, possibly 3 on my waist, even when sitting down. I haven't bought new jeans in about 2 years and am currently wearing stretched out size 16 jeggings from the junior plus section of Deb. I'd guess I'm a size 18 or 20 now. My thighs/legs are pretty thin for my body type, imo. I've definitely seen others with bigger. I'm also worried about my breasts. I wear a 36D but I believe I'd be a DD if I got professionally measured. This makes me worried about over the shoulder bars and would plan on wearing the least padded bra I own plus a tight sports bra to help flattening.

Two years ago I went to Dorney Park and had no problems on the one ride I went on, however my friend got kicked off said ride due to her weight (hence why I only rode one ride) and has left me paranoid since then because I know I've gained weight since then. I don't know how much she weighed then and I can't bring myself to embarrass her (and myself tbh) by asking her.

Now, with all the detail I think I've given people a chance to give accurate answers. Do you think I'll have a probably with rides? I've heard Batman has pretty small seating. How about Kingda Ka? I've been dying to go on it since it came out.

From Mike Gallagher
Posted July 18, 2013 at 9:49 AM
Signs on rides don't generally have weight specifics. But based on your description, my first thought is that the only ride you WON'T get on for sure is El Toro, and probably not Rolling Thunder. No great loss on the latter. Batman, KK, Medusa, Superman, Nitro all have test seats. I can't remember if Green Lantern does. Everybody carries their weight differently. I'm pretty heavy, but taller than you, and I have trouble on El Toro. But it's my favorite ride on the planet, so I live with the discomfort.

If I can answer any further questions or you want company at the park, send me a note through my profile.

P.S...2 hours from Seaside to GrAdv? NO WAY!! You must drive even slower than I do...

From Russell Meyer
Posted July 19, 2013 at 10:12 AM
I would concur...Six Flags does not have specific weight requirements for their rides, but most of them have some type of test seat at the entrance that allows you to determine if you will be able to fit on the ride before waiting in line. El Toro is going to be the tightest fit, and would find it highly probable that you won't be able to ride. All of the B&Ms are very accomodating (Green Lantern, Bizaro, Nitro, Batman, and Superman), and you should not have any problems, but you might have to ride in row 4 or 5 on Batman. Kingda Ka has the Intamin OTSRs, so you won't have any issues with those even with larger chest measurements.

From Tia Carly
Posted July 22, 2013 at 4:43 PM
Yes, I agree. You most likely will not be able to ride el toro, but you will be able to go on everything else!:3

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