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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 55 inches

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The world's first Diving Coaster, it reclines you onto your back while climbing the lift hill, then inches around a 160 degree turn, at an agonizingly slow pace, giving you a panoramic view of the countryside before starting over the edge and stopping. It just hangs there for four bone-chilling seconds, that make your blood run cold enough to freeze. DON'T LOOK DOWN...


The old black hole ride! Theming is perfect, drop is exilerating, what mor could you want. People can argue that Shrieka in Busch Gardens is better as it has loops and more but it just doesnt have the same feel of Oblivion!
My favourite ride at Alton Towers along with Nemesis but this wins for nostalgic reasons. Drop is breathtaking. Queues can be long, but I don't go to Alton unless its during term time so I rarely wait longer than 20 mins for anything

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