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Dolphin Plunge

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Water slide
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The parks signature attraction, consisting of two, near-identical body slides that descend from the loading platform into the park's Commerson's Dolphin exhibit and then to the exit lagoon. As riders pass through the cetacean's enclosure, they can view the dolphins through the pellucid tubes they ride in.


My take on Dolphin Plunge is a lot like the popular opinion on Antarctica: the ride isn't much, but the exhibit is one of the best you can possibly find for the attraction's featured animal. You are far more likely to get good views of the Commerson's dolphins at the underwater viewing area than on the slide. You also don't want to miss the scheduled training sessions (times posted on a sign in front of the exhibit) and get a rare chance to see those dolphins jumping.
Apparently I am the only reviewer who was able to slow down and see the dolphins. I loved it and was able to see very clearly.
I dont like this ride youre back and Sometimes you cant see nothing 2/10
We waited in line for quite a long time thinking this would be super fun. Wrong! I tried to slow myself down when it got to the being in the clear tube part, but there was just no slowing down to see the dolphins. The tube's ribs bounce you the entire way down. Hopefully people are checking here before they stand in line for a real let down.
This was a really bad slide. Ridges and gaps in it hurt my back and the underwater bit was ridiculous! Didn't see any dolphins and this was their main attraction. 1/10

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