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Congo River Rapids

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Rapids Ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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Congo River Rapids takes riders on a whitewater journey down a lively re-creation of the Congo River. While twirling along the river in circular rafts, guests are randomly splashed and plunged in the water as they bounce off surrounding banks, creating an unpredictable and often sopping-wet adventure. Spouting jets, looming waterfalls and an ominous water cave enhance this drenching experience. Bystanders along side the rapids’ banks contribute to the excitement by firing water spray jets at the unsuspecting adventurers.


A decent river rapids ride; however, it is nothing really special compared to some of the other river rapids in Florida (Kali, Popeye's). Nice way to cool off during a hot Florida day. 6/10
Decent 7/10
Congo River Rapids is that ride where you have to take a break in the middle of a hot summer day and it's better than sitting on a bench in the heat, but then when you're actually on it you really enjoy yourself. Hasn't been updated in forever (except the ride queue itself), but it still entertains. 7/10.
Best to ride this in the summer and spring, when days can get sweltering. Any of the time of the year and it's a fast way to get hypothermia. Not as good as some other rapid rides in the same vein, but still a good, quick way to cool off on those aforementioned days.
Good ride nothing great but you might get soaked.6/10

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