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Iceploration is a 30-minute ice-skating show that explores the four corners of the Earth, featuring Broadway-style costumes from a Tony Award-winning designer. The show focuses on a digital-savvy teenager and his grandfather, who urges the teen to explore the world in person, rather than simply through computer and smartphone screens. Along the way, the two visit the African Serengeti, Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic and the Amazon rainforest. The show debuted in the Moroccan Palace theater in 2012.


Actually enjoyed it 8/10
I felt it was a great show. Some of the skaters are extremely talented, and the Great Barrier Reef scene was a great visual.
Cheesy, generic story line ice show. Not nearly enough live animals (not like I’m expecting animals to skate) but the few they had were pinned to the side of the stage. Not nearly as good as the Lion Kingish dance show it replaced. It’s a good chance to sit down and get out of the heat but that’s about it.
The cheesiest show I have ever seen... I've seen ice shows WAY better than this. It stinked!

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