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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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Kumba means "roar," and it is a fitting name for this 1993 Bolliger & Mabillard coaster that was once the featured attraction in the park. Riders board 32-seat trains (8 rows, 4 across) that roar along almost 4,000 feet of track. The course features a 135-foot drop, a 114-foot tall loop, a dive loop, a zero-g roll, a cobra roll, and interlocking corkscrews. Seven inversions in total with a top speed of 60 mph.


I've been on well over 100 roller coasters, and I still put this among my favorites. It has fantastic theming and landscaping, but it is just such an amazing and intense ride at its core. Just about perfect coaster for me. 10/10
Busch Gardens Tampa is home to some great coasters, and this is no exception! I just went on New Years Eve of 2015 (December 31 2015), rode this, and I was MIND BLOWN! OH MY GOSH! This was INTENSE! It just was relentless, fun, and feels a lot faster than you actually are going! I LOVE THIS ROLLER COASTER, to the point that I did it 8 times that day! And many will agree with me that this is the best ride in the park, so without a doubt, I am giving this a 10/10! This is now my NEW ALL TIME FAVORITE COASTER, previously held by Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and if you are in the Orlando/Tampa area, and at Busch Gardens Tampa, you MUST check this out! You won't regret it!

Rating: 10/10

Its a pretty rough ride but worth riding once.
My favorite B&M coaster. This is a GREAT ride for a classic coaster. It's a lot more fun and intense than it looks. It packs a really good combination of inversions and twists. I really, really like this coaster!
For the most part, I thought Kumba was enjoyable. About your average roller coaster, nothing too unique. It's definitely loud, and a little jerky in the back row (not sure about the other rows.) It was pretty much what I was expecting. I wouldn't say it's completely a "must-do" ride at Busch Gardens, but if you enjoy roller coasters and you're tall enough, go for it!
Overall - 6.5/10
A great classic steel coaster. While it is a little rough, Kumba packs a nice punch and usually has a minimal wait time due to its secluded location in the back of the park. 8/10
Good rollercoaster and impressive looking! A lil jerky and you will fill dizzy after 9/10
I grew up riding this coaster and always thought it was underrated. Never has lines because it's tucked away in the back of the park. A classic steel coaster that has great speed and unique inversions! 9/10.
Very underrated. At BGT it is, that coaster. The one in the back that never has a line. In a way Kumba is like buried treasure. Just give it a try, it won't seem like it's 20 years old at all. It's actually one of my favorite steel coasters ever.
Very good Roller Coaster in my opinion out of the three looper Roller Coasters in Florida this comes second behind Hulk. Kumba beats Kraken simply due to its longer and is more fun. I love the way a loop fly's over the lift hill. This ride is so good it is in my Top Ten Roller Coasters at 10th position. The major downside was when I rode the track looked very rusty and old which I am hoping Busch Gardens Tampa will sort out over the winter season. Overall awesome Roller Coaster in an awesome park and is a must ride!
I thought Kumba was amazing the speed that you get on the inversions especially the zero-g roll!
LOVE this ride!!! I love how it seems to go all over the place.
Intense but smooth. I didn't count the number of loops and twists !
Really great !
Kumba is the ride that Drachen Fire should have been. Imagine if B&M had the resources in 1991-92 to be able to handle simultaneous builds? DF might still be running today.
Really good ride I always get out of the ride with a headache but still good.Wait line it's always low.5/10
This ride was so smooth! It was odd that this coaster was so loud looking at it, I expected a ride like mean streak. Tbis is like the only BM sitter that isnt floorless (other than hypercoasters) Better than skekira. I dont know why this was the sister coaster of drachen fire when it was there. Drachen fire was better though. The only thing about drachen fire that it lacked was the drop.
Impressive loops and it's really loud! Great coaster, but don't get on this in the hurts! 9/10

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