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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Montu is the Southeast’s tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster. (Inverted coasters are ones where the seats ride under the track, like on a ski lift.) Named after a hawk-headed Egyptian warrior god, this Bolliger & Mabillard thrill ride takes passengers through four first-of-a-kind inverted elements, including a 50-foot vertical loop half buried in an “excavation trench.” While reaching speeds up to 65 miles per hour, Montu takes guests on a three-minute journey over 4,000 feet of non-stop twists and turns.


Although I'm not usually a big fan of hanging style coasters, I thought Montu was pretty enjoyable! The track (in my opinion) was really long, and I got off the ride feeling a little woozy. The only wait there was was waiting for the car to come up for us to get on. Part of this was probably because of its location in the park, which made it a little tricky to find. Other than that it was fun! If you have a history of getting ill when on roller coasters, you're probably best to skip this attraction.
Overall - 7/10
Florida is really lucky to have some of the best examples of B&M Coasters in the world. Montu certainly is right up at the top.
My #1 coaster! Smooth as glass, because they gave it enough room to do what it does. Very re-rideable, intense without beating you up.
My favorite inverted coaster! Montu is intense, smooth, and has seven inversions, enough to satisfy any roller coaster enthusiast! 10/10
One of my favorite inverts 10/10 ride at night !!
I consider this ride to be perfection for inverted steel coasters. Great inversions, speed, aesthetic elements, and g-forces throughout. Can't ask for much more! 10/10.
Montu is one of the Beat coasters in the USA. Smooth and powerful.
Montu seems like it goes on forever. Instead of feeling like you're in your last moments on earth like on the Beast, on Montu you can enjoy each element as they all fall in a perfect order. It really keeps it's speed throughout the whole ride which is pretty impressive considering the fact it's almost 4,000 feet long.
This is my favorite B&M Inverted coaster! I love how intense the coaster is with 7 inversions, and lots of positive G’s. When I first rode the coaster, I totally blacked out! 10/10.
Montu holds a very special place in my heart. It is a very great ride with inversions that make your body tingle, Amazing ride! Thumbs up to Busch gardens for this wonderful coaster that we've had for years and hope to have for many more!
Very good and very long ride time only 6 inversions. Why can't they class the immelmann an inversion.
I think this is a perfect use of theming with an already incredible coaster. Perfect all around pacing and very visual in it's theming. I can never get enough of this ride.
Really good coaster the most extreme rollercoaster in BGT.The wait line it's always low.8/10

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