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Rhino Rally reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Rhino Rally, a track ride at Busch Gardens Tampa. (The minimum height to ride is 39 inches.)

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Posted: August 22, 2010

Rhino Rally is the world’s boldest off-road safari and wild river adventure. The attraction transports 17 guests aboard a customized Land Rover offering extreme terrain, up-close animal encounters and an unexpected raging river thrill ride. The "river adventure" portion of this attraction closed for good in June 2010 to make way for a new roller coaster that is being built to open in spring 2011. It is rumored that Busch Gardens will be expanding the remaining land portion of the ride to compensate for the river portion being closed. There is no complete confirmation as to if and when the expansion will take place.

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It's cool but I guess cuz of cheetah hunt they shortened it 7/10 - Owen Scott

We had a great driver, actually, and you could tell he enjoyed his job. The lack of the more action-oriented area of the 'safari' makes this ride much shorter than it should be in comparison to the wait time, but they tend to post high wait times to scare off people from making the lines bigger. We queued up and got on in twenty-five minutes (compared to the fifty it suggested we'd be waiting). We saw lots of animals, too, when we got on ours and they were quite active, so it's VERY hit or miss on this attraction.. mostly miss. - Eric Malone

Fun ride, even if the drivers are annoying. Nice views.... - Andy Milito

Waste of time. I seen 2 animals and waited 40 minutes. Don't bother as they cut out a lot of the safari and the drivers are depressing. 1/10 - D H

Tedious line, for a rather short safari. The safari part was quite good with nice animal views, but I missed the fun part where the car rides down the river. In view of the slow loading I really wouldn't bother with it again. - Martin Rees

The water portion is likely permanently removed as a result of the new attraction going up, but I thought it was worth the ride anyway. Enjoy some silly humor with the driver and get some good views of the animals in the savanna. - Carl Stovall

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