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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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The Scorpion roller coaster is an Anton Schwarzkopf-designed Siverarrow looping coaster. Installed along with the Timbuktu section of the park in 1980, the peak height of the coaster is the vertex of the lift hill, 60 feet in the air. After reaching this point, riders twist as they hurtle downwards into the signature, singular looping element. Trains then emerge from a pretzel turnaround threading the loop to reach a 900° helix, and then enter the braking sequence.


Super intesnse! Anton Schwartzcof at his best!
Solid ride. Nothing quite like a Schwarzkopf loop! 6/10
Even though it is a kiddie coaster, Scorpion was pretty weak. Besides the fact that the ride was short, it's really rough and outdated. The wait line was extremely long, and there was only one car. But if you are at the park with a younger child that isn't quite tall enough to ride the larger coasters, but wants to experience some thrills, then it might be worth your time. Otherwise, you might as well move on.
Overall - 4.5/10
Pretty painful coaster. Needs to either run two trains or be removed.
A surprisingly fun, albeit short family looping coaster. Scorpion was my first looping roller coaster so it's special to me! 7/10

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