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Celtic Fyre

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Live Musical Show

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A celebration of Irish music, dance and culture replaces the "Emerald Beat" show in the Abbey Stone Theatre. Taking place in an inn, this show shows how the Irish live their life with song and amazing tap dancing.


First rate theme park show.

Well-written with a good (if sappy and cheesy) story line, featuring good times, guys angry with guys, male dance-off, girls dancing, feel-good romance, a goofy drunk, and everybody living happily ever after.

Features a sung narrative with several songs and continues Irish and tap dancing.

The performers are national-class dancers and singers.

The show is very well set in an indoor theater, where lighting and a "smoky" pub atmosphere is well-controlled.

Runs a little over 20 minutes.

All aspects of this production are first rate, from the script to choreography to setting to effect and the personal performances of the dancers, singers, and actors.

The best show in the park
Celtic Fyre was a wonderful show! The cast and crew are excellent performers! I recommend that if you are going to be visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg, you should see this show. Celtic Fyre replaced the previous show, Emerald Beat. I personally thought that Emerald Beat was a bit more magical than this new show, but Celtic Fyre was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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