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Escape from Pompeii

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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A chute-the-chutes ride with the special effects of a Hollywood stunt show. Feel the heat of the erupting volcano and evade the deteriorating city before splashing down a massive drop.


Fun fun fun!
We love Escape from Pompeii, rode it over 30 times but I also agree it need to be a bit longer and I miss when they opened the doors at teh drop and you hung there for about 5 seconds then dropped that was awesome
It's cool! Good theming but could be longer 8/10
Escape from Pompeii is an outstanding ride that shouldn't be missed when visiting the park. The fire, music, and other special effects inside help build the suspense for the final drop. The feeling of insecurity is even greater if you are a smaller rider because the "lap" bar is hovering a few inches above you in its locked position.
Beautiful themed ride, but a little short in time.
The trip through Pompeii was short and not even a little scary. Not worth a long wait. The only saving grave - we got wet and cooled off on a hot day. I was expecting a lot more from this.
7/10 (on average). Good theming and decent drop but the dark portion of the ride is way too short. I'd probably rate it an 8/10 on a hot summer day and a 6/10 on a cooler spring or fall day. Wearing a poncho is reccomended on the cooler days.
Agreed with others, great ride, but too short.
A great water ride. Alot better than the unthemed powersurge at fiesta texas. Needs to be safer though. 7/10
Neat theming but a bit too short. We expected a lot more to the ride than just an up, around & down typical chute ride.

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