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Europe in the Air reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Europe in the Air, a simulator ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.)

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Posted: May 1, 2010

New for 2010, this simulator ride replaces Corkscrew Hill and features, as the name implies, a high-definition aerial tour of Europe's top landmarks.

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While I enjoyed the ride, the theme seemed out of place and and the ride show room was terribly themed. A second rate Soarin'. 7/10. - David L.

I thought they could have edited some of the transitions better and could have had some more compelling video. It was OK overall, but this was the only ride in the park that gave me motion sickness. It's a ride that doesn't make you crave a second time. - Roger S

What is the purpose here? No story, no 3-D or special effects, just a video tour of sites you can see online or on the travel channel. I could climb into a commercial dryer for two bucks and get the same ride experienced. Though in need of updated animation and effects, Corkscrew on it's worst day was an Academy Award winner compared to this fraud. - Mike Edwards

What's with all the negative hype about this ride? Who cares if it's a "knockoff" of Soarin'? This is a fun ride. I was surprised by the range of the simulator; I wasn't expecting it to go that steep. Good if a walk-on, not so great if there is a line exceeding 45 minutes. - Jorge Arnoldson

This ride was extremely disappointing. I thought it was going to be 3D like the previous attraction (Corkscrew Hill) was. It was not in 3D, nor was it exciting. It was just like watching a short scenic film showing various sites across Europe. The scenery was pretty, but it was not worth the long wait in line. They should get rid of this and either put Corkscrew Hill back (which I really liked) or replace it with an Irish themed 3D attraction that is more exciting and magical. I will not be riding this again until they change it. - Rachel McCallister

I really wish they didn't get rid of Corkscrew Hill because I liked that more. - Bryce Verlinden

I really with they'd get rid of this ride. We rode it when it first opened and never again. It's boring and made us both feel sick. - Hannah Atkins

I was really excited to see they were finally ditching the AWFUL corkscrew hill that had overstayed its welcome, but this was a BIG disappointment. I could place my finger on all the problems at first but now I have them. First, this ride is an attempt to harness some of the success of Soarin' but due to Soarin's simple design and concept nothing less than perfection can stand up to it. Second, the simulator is not in sync with the film creating the feeling as if you are in a gyroscope and the screen is moving and you are as well, but separate of each other. This can easily lead to motion sickness. I don't have a weak stomach and this ride can even bother me. Finally, The transitions between scenes and the filming itself seems slapdash in many instances. - Tom Rigg

It was OK but I wouldn't wait a long time for it. Not as many special effects as Corkscrew Hill. Scenery is nice but not sure why we had to buckle in the seats, not much movement. - Martha Moyers

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