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London Rocks

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Live Musical Show

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New for the 2014 season, London Rocks will play in a renovated Globe Theatre and feature a 25-minute live-action and multimedia tribute to the heyday of rock in England.


The lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" aren't really kid-friendly, so they just hum the song. There's so much good British rock that they left out, they could have skipped the humming and put another song in its place.
A great show if you love British music. Songs wee good performers first rate a very entertaining show in a large theater. A kind of a weak story line however.
When we went, it just didn't seem like the main performers were really into it. A lot went into the production, but somehow it fell flat. Maybe too scattered. Though I did like the small Pink Floyd nod, a la the name of the street, "Arnold Lane".

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