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New for the 2014 season, London Rocks will play in a renovated Globe Theatre and feature a 25-minute live-action and multimedia tribute to the heyday of rock in England.


Better than 2015, but just barely. A little different story line, but same music. Some 4D effects that do not really add to the production. Good place to get out of the heat and cool down before tackling other places the part or heading out.
The lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" aren't really kid-friendly, so they just hum the song. There's so much good British rock that they left out, they could have skipped the humming and put another song in its place.
A great show if you love British music. Songs wee good performers first rate a very entertaining show in a large theater. A kind of a weak story line however.
When we went, it just didn't seem like the main performers were really into it. A lot went into the production, but somehow it fell flat. Maybe too scattered. Though I did like the small Pink Floyd nod, a la the name of the street, "Arnold Lane".

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