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Drop Tower
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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Standing 245 feet tall, this free-fall tower is located in the Oktoberfest section of the park. Riders are seated in a 30 person ring around the tower, which rotates as it makes its way to the top.

Ultimately the main feature is the drop, which will offer a 60 mph free-fall as the exclamation point for the ride.

*During Christmas Town, This ride is renamed Nacht Tower and does not drop. Instead, It slowly lowers itself to the ground.


Short ride. Not as high or great a drop as in other parks. Nice delay at the top. But to short.
I mean it's fun but 8/10
I was surprised so much by this ride! When we got to the top, the person counted 4, 9, 15, 7 and then we dropped! I wasn't expecting the unpredictable counting so it caught me off guard! The drop was exhilarating! Overall a very great ride! -9
I rode this as Nacht Tower (slow up and slow down just to see lights). It's nice to see the whole park and the millions of lights from way up high, but it is cold! 8/10.
I had high hopes for this ride. My impressions are the following:

Short ride
Fabulous view
About 20%+ (I'm estimating VERY low)of potential riders can't fit into the seats
Stuck in a high-traffic area

This ride has potential. Unfortunately, the fact that so many riders can't even ride it makes it a waste of time. I'm a normal-size adult. I could barely fit in the seat with the shoulder harness down. Needless to say, my shoulders were crushed by the shoulder harness, and the seat crushed my 'personal bits'. It took them about 5 minutes (at least) to get the ride going, because people kept getting off the ride after they tried (unsuccessfully) to fit into the seat - which led other kids to get off the ride because they were afraid something was wrong with it. Ridiculous. Whoever made the seats needs their head examined. Ruined the whole ride.

Just like the rest of my visit to BGW, the line didn't exceed thirty minutes. If it does, steer clear of this ride. Anyway, this ride offers a great view of the entire park, plus the James River! There was no classical music playing when the vehicle ascended, like advertised.

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