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This Bolliger & Mabillard mega coaster opens officially in May 2012. It features a height of 306 feet, track length over one mile and a top speed of 92 mph in a three and a half minute, US$28 million ride.


Leviathan is the largest and best roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland. In addition to its massive size, Leviathan also features a few moments of airtime and a tunnel at the bottom of the first drop.
This coaster seems very similar to the older Behemoth, but in reality it is a different beast completely. There is definitely a sense that this coaster goes faster and higher. Also, The added fun of going into the parking lot adds to the experience. I will suggest to hit this early, because the line will grow. I decided to purchase the fast lane pass and that made it east to hit all the big coasters in one day.

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