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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

Photo of Nighthawk

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Formally the Borg Assimilator. The Carolinas' first flying coaster is also the tallest roller coaster in the park. It soars riders through five inversions, most while flying face-down, zooming toward the ground and turning skyward just in time for the next inversion. The unique rider position offers breathtaking and virtually unobstructed views of the park.


One of the few rides I've ridden that I truly felt unsafe on. Despite knowing I wouldn't fall out, it was just unnerving. Didn't help that the ride was also mostly awful. Other than the first drop and first swoop, the ride was so rough that I just wanted to get off. I have to admit, I didn't feel safe. 0/10
It was a solid ride, nothing spectacular. I enjoy Vekoma flyers more than a lot of people, even though there is some difficulty in riding them with my size, 6'6. I actually enjoyed this one far more than Firehawk, at Kings Island, and I think the area where it is placed had a lot to do with that. The setting for the coaster is wonderful in the center of the park, and over water. The ride itself is good from the front, but the experience lessens as you move back down the train. (7.5/10)
Rode it front row using the Fast Lane Plus. I expected it to be like SeaWorld's Manta or SFOG's Superman, but Nighthawk is it's own beast. A unique climb uphill where you cannot see how high up you are until the coaster flips you around on the way down. Truly frightening, and a great start to a crazy and extra fun roller coaster. One of my favorites at Carowinds (next to Fury 325). 10/10

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