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Cedar Point

James Koehl

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Published: February 28, 2015

Location: Cedar Point is located on a peninsula between Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio, about an hour west of Cleveland. You can get driving directions by clicking the Cedar Point link on Theme Park Insider's Google map of U.S. theme parks.

History: Cedar Point opened as a bathing beach and beer garden in 1870. Rides and hotels were added in the early 1900's, with rapid development of the park beginning in the 1960s.

Hours: Cedar Point is open from early May through Halloween.

Tickets: Buy and print online. Always try to buy your tickets in advance, to save time when you get to the park. Discount tickets are available from many local retail outlets, and from AAA.

Strategy: Since wait times on some of the park's more popular roller coasters can exceed two hours even on slower days, arriving before the park opens at 10 a.m. is a must. Ride some of the major rides like Top Thrill Dragster or Maverick. Try not to head to Raptor or Gatekeeper right when you enter the park due to the crowds- come back mid-day for a shorter wait. Cedar Point's non-coaster rides usually do not have very long waits, except on the busiest days, so you can visit those of your choosing at your convenience.

Cedar Point has three children's rides areas.Camp Snoopy offers a Peanut's summer camp themed-area with an extensive and varied collection of rides for children and accompanying adults. In addition, county fair-style kiddie flat rides are available in the Kiddy Kingdom, off the Main Midway. Kids will also enjoy Planet Snoopy, which was added in 2008 and is located between the Main and Wicked Twister Midways beside the Coliseum. There are other classic rides and attractions that families can enjoy together such as the Midway Carousel, Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, and Giant Wheel .

Another method is to utilize the north entrance to the park and start from the back, working your way towards the front. The majority of guests start their day in the front of the park, and you are likely to sneak in a few quick rides in the back. By the time you get to the front, the crowd has spread out.

Another way to make you way to the back in a timely fashion is to take the Skyride. From there you can either head to Millennium Force or take the train to the back to hit the Maverick.

Camp Snoopy
Camp Bus9
Peanuts 5009
Balloon Race8
Charlie Brown's Wind-up7
Woodstock's Airmail736
Woodstock Express7
Wilderness Run4
Tilt A Whirl4
Snoopy Bounce
Joe Cool's Dodgem School35
Kite Eating Tree36
Snoopy's Space Race36
Flying Ace Balloon Race
Peanuts Road Rally
Snoopy's Deep Sea Divers42
Snoopy's Express42
Red Baron042
Frontier Trail
Millennium Force948
Thunder Canyon846
Shoot the Rapids742
Wave Swinger948
Antique Cars7
Snake River Falls648
Cedar Creek Mine Ride648
Mean Streak548
Gemini Midway
Top Thrill Dragster952
Magnum XL-200848
Power Tower852
Witches' Wheel848
Pipe Scream6
Super Himilaya6
Lake Erie Eagles6
Kiddy Kingdom
Dune Buggies10
Sky Fighters10
Roto Whip10
Police Cars10
Main Midway
Cedar Downs Racing Derby848
Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad8
Blue Streak748
Sky Ride7
Iron Dragon746
Midway Carousel6
Ocean Motion4
Cadillac Cars
Wicked Twister Midway
Wicked Twister852
Tiki Twirl8
Giant Wheel8

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Camp Snoopy
Charlie Brown’s Cookout8
Frontier Trail
Panda Express7
Gristmill Refreshments7
Red Garter Saloon
Frontier Tavern
Chuck Wagon Inn9
Last Chance Saloon
Palace Theatre
Round Up
Gemini Midway
Happy Friar 7
Grand Stand Foods6
Hotel Breakers
TGI Friday's4
Main Midway
Subway - Main Midway10
Kiddieland Refreshments10
Midway Market7
Burger Patio7
Chickie's and Pete's6
Hurricane Hannah's6
Johnny Rockets6
Dragon's Inn
Toft's Ice Cream Parlor
Bay Harbor10
Famous Dave's8
Wicked Twister Midway
Joe Cool Cafe9
Lakeside Express

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Where to stay at Cedar Point

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