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Blue Streak

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The oldest coaster at Cedar Point, this is a wooden classic. Even though it doesn't have the mega height or mega elements that many other coasters at Cedar Point have, it does have lots and lots of airtime and an old-school, out of control feeling that most modern day coasters just don't seem to have these days.


I like wooden roller coasters especially old classic ones. But this one is just painful. The airtime is OK but rough, the bunny hills are jerky and did I not mention it was rough? I think it's OK, and the layout is pretty good, but not great as everyone credits it to be. Rating: (5.5/10)
Here's a ride that's significantly better than it looks. Blue Streak may be just a simple out and back, but it has a good amount of airtime and is really smooth for a 50 year old woodie. The ride is a little on the short side, but not enough to complain about. Plus, Blue Streak typically has a 10 minute wait or less as long as both trains are running. Overall, the ride isn't anything mind-blowing, but it is still worth riding once or twice during a visit.
Good for the whole family. A fun woodie.
A fun, airtime, starter coaster. Good for the whole family. 6-Fair.
Thought that blue streak will be realitivily smooth and tame so I sat in the back seat.. Boy was a wrong! There was some unsuspected speed and airtime not to mention how rough it was! I'd say it was a good deal rougher than mean streak but that could have been where I sat in the train. (7/10)
Though I experienced a long line at noon, I loved this ride. It flies down the track. Very smooth for a woodie and for being almost 50. The airtime on this is great on every hill. Fun one at Cedar Point. Must ride. 8/10.
I don't really know what happened. Back in 2009 I rode Blue Streak for the first time and was blown away at how fun it was and it's smoothness. I rode it in 2012 again and it was pretty rough, and it made my ribs start to hurt again. Again? I rode Mean Streak. It might have been the hot weather making it rough but anyway... It is still a good little woodie for the whole family and a pure classic.
Rode 8/29/2012 - This is a great little wood coaster. Great for all ages. Surprisingly fast, and great little bits of airtime over all the hills.
the blue streak was my first roller coaster i ever rode and it was amazing every time the train crest a hill i would love the feeling now only 8 years later i rode this an it still has not changed it was so much fun it might look small but trust me it packs a punch....a big one
The Blue Streak has a lot to offer in thrills especially for smaller kids who are looking to get their next step in riding roller coasters. But I will say that unlike the Cedar Creek Mine Ride this one is still enjoyable for people of all ages. But I'm telling you right now that the best seat on the Blue Streak is the very back seat because at the end when you are going over the small hills you fly high out of your seat. I mean I went there and we rode this ride 4 times in a row just because of how fun it was to be thrown up in the air. To give you a better perspective of how high you fly, my brothers flip flop nearly flew off! 8/10

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