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Cedar Downs Racing Derby

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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A carousel with a twist, the horses move back and forth, as if in a race.
This is a great ride to "experience" with your kids.
You get to pretend you are racing each other. Just make sure your kids are old enough to hold on, as there are NO safety straps of any kind. (Not that you need any)


As many things at Cedar Point, this ride takes a simple concept and amps up the thrills. Who knew you could make a carousel thrilling! It is a blast to go on with friends. Just came back with six 30 somethings and we all were laughing and screaming on this ride! I loved it!
It's unique as not many are still around. But it is a blast, and probably along with Windseeker, the best non-roller coaster attraction at CP. Rating: (9/10).
Great attraction. A racing horse merry go round. That has some pep. Fun for the whole family.
What a great attraction! This racing horse carousel is quite unique. Instead of horses going up and down on a spinning platform, they move forwards and backwards simulating the act of passing and being passed during a horse race. I found this attraction to be quite delightful, and something I would love to have at my home park. We had a great time hooting and hollering and cheering on our horses as we competed within our rows of four. Cedar Downs is a classic and should not be missed by any visitor, thrill seeker or not. 8-Commendable.
The Ralph Nader types seem to have (luckily) forgotten about this ride. Just a handle to hold onto... A fast antique carousel. Great atmosphere and ride mechaincals! A must-ride at CP.

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