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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The first coaster in the world to go upside down three times. Designed by Arrow Dynamics, it was built in 1976. It features an airtime hill, a vertical loop and a double corkscrew that turns riders directly over the midway.


Never again. Too easy to get whiplash. Go in the back.

Tight turns make you an easy victim to neck pain

I like the historic significance and it's a good ride for people who like inversions but not too many. It is however quite uncomfortable at times especially the loop. The best features are the corkscrews over the midway, which is also a great photo opp location. Rating: (6/10)
There's almost nothing redeeming about this ride. I doubt it will ever go anywhere, as the ride doesn't take up much space and is somewhat of a defining feature of the Gemini Midway, but I don't have any desire to ride this one again.
Corkscrew may have had some merit in the past, and does provide some great views along the midway, but the ride is just “meh”. A one-and-done coaster for us. 4-Weak.
I'm a sucker for coasters with inversions built in the 70s and 80s. I know this ride is ultra-tame but it's one of my favorites! A little uncomfortable though.
This is a corkscrew coaster that's actually better than the traditional ones because others lack a loop. It may be pretty rough but it's so short it's actually bearable. Ride it if you really want to but it's not a must ride at all.
Rode 8/29/2012 - It is a classic. Great little pop of airtime over the bunny hill. This is a great ride to introduce people to going upside down. It is an Arrow coaster so expect some roughness, but that is part of the fun! If line is over 15 minutes come back later.
This ride hurts really bad and I would only consider it to people have never gone upside down on a roller coaster before.
I hated it. It just hurt. I found the corkscrews to be the best Part unlike most. I had no idea that a hill can be that rough. The worst is the loop. It has lots of whiplash. Not fun. 3/10
I thought this was really scary when I first rode it in 1979! Today, not so much. Still, it's a classic. I found the tight loops put some pressure on my lower back, which I didn't enjoy. 4/10
The only thing that makes Corkscrew any better than Shockwave @ SF Over Texas is the corkscrew over the midway. A pretty good ride though. Intensity: 5.5/10
Ride in the back. Me and my cousin rode in the front and noticed that half of the drop was very slow and sped up half way through the drop. The second corkscrew was kind of rough and the ride was way too short. Dont ride if the line is more than 15 minutes long. Another tip, ignore the signs that say how long the line takes. 4/10
Too rough for me. I experienced a lot of headbanging and actually had a bruise on my back from the seat. Usually doesn't have a long line, but it isn't worth waiting more than 5 minutes to ride.

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