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This Bolliger & Mabillard Wing coaster opened in 2013 and features a 164-foot drop and top speed of 67 mph.


Very very tight restraint. It's not a bad ride just quite uncomfortable and rattlely.
I don't think that it was better than X-Flight at Six Flags Great America but there was one zero g roll that was tremendous.
Extremely fun if you like inversions in your coaster.

Ride later in the day for super short wait.

This is a perfect ride to have fun for everyone in your group, even those that are not fans of mega coasters.

If you like Soarin' at Disney, you will love this ride. Fear quickly is replaced by exhilaration. It really does feel like flying, because the ride is so smooth. Smooth does not have to be a bad thing.

Critiques of this ride have to do with it being not scary enough. So what? It is fun.

Also, the ride adds an energy to the front gate of the park that is unmatched. Even if you don't ride it, you can enjoy it.

I normally dislike parks without theming, but this is hands down my favorite roller coaster ever. I bought Fast Lane Plus just to ride this.
This is by far the best winged coaster I've ridden. The ride is the smoothest I've experienced, and the pacing of its various elements is flawless. This is an excellent coaster, and the perfect addition to an already stellar lineup!
I can see why enthusiasts don't care for wing coasters. The ride wasn't bad, it just wasn't nearly as good as it looked like it would be. I do like the fact that GateKeeper is a long ride, but hate that the second half is almost worthless. There's nothing wrong with the ride, and it is definitely worth riding, but it's not something worth going out of the way for.
A very good B&M winged coaster. That gave a grate ride. I loved spinning through the gates. Very smooth. But it lacked the wow factor.
My favorite coaster in the park!!! It was so incredible! I felt like I was flying on the wings of a bird! At the top of the ride when you twist at the top and go down a 168 foot plunge was incredible. This coaster is my all time favorite. So fun!!!
This is probably the greatest coaster I've ever been on! Maybe it's because I'm really a sucker for anything made by B&M, but this one was really something special. The restraints are extremely tolerable and are actually the most comfortable restraints I've sat in on rides. Once you get to the top of that first drop, the slow transition into the first inversion is insane! You feel like you're going to fall and it provides and extra thrill! The keyholes are amazing too! I probably wouldn't like this ride as much as I do if it weren't for that. Also every time I have gone it has had a wait time under 15 minutes so it's relatively easy to get on. It's an amazingly smooth coaster that I would ride over & over in a heartbeat!
Very impressive winged coaster! While there are not many winged coasters out there, this one is certainly the standard by which all others will be measured!
It's very smooth, but it didn't have the thrill factor I was expecting. Maybe the number of great rides at CP have made me a tough customer? Unlike MF, Raptor, Dragster, Magnum or Maverick, it's not a ride I want to go on again and again. There wasn't any part that provided a "wow" moment. I really wanted to LOVE this ride, but my reaction at the end was, "That was it?" My 13-year-old daughter called it "boring." She gave it a 6/10 - and said she was being generous. We had no desire to ride it again that day. On day 2, we rode on the opposite side, but it didn't make a difference for us. Also, the shoulder restraint had tightened so much by the end that it was causing me significant discomfort...and I'm a skinny guy. I thought, "If this tightens any more, it'll break my collarbone." I've never had a restraint get THAT tight on a coaster.
Overall, I guess we share the feelings of a guy we overheard as we exited the ride: "It's not bad, but it's not great."

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