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Iron Dragon

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 46 inches

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One of the first suspended coasters in the world, it was built by Arrow Dynamics in 1987. This ride is fun, but at 40 mph, a bit on the slow side when compared with its peers. The final tangle of track at the end is pretty good.


I love this ride, not gonna lie. 8/10
Underrated thrill ride. Not great for a huge coaster fan, but absolutely perfect for younger kids. Always feels smooth, and is good for starting the day off with an adrenaline rush.
FAVORITE ride in Cedar Point! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
It's a good ride and unique since there are not too many of these type of suspended roller coasters around much longer. I really enjoy the ending with the helixes over the lagoon and it's much better with the mists on. It's not the most intense, but in my opinion it doesn't bore me out. Rating: 7/10
I have been on all the suspended coasters in North America. I can definitively say that Iron Dragon is the least impressive of the bunch. The ride is worth doing because it is a dying breed, but it's just a fairly short and relatively dull ride.
Iron Dragon is a suspended coaster like the Bat at Kings Island. Unlike the Bat, however, Iron Dragon is a slow, meandering ride that provides some nice scenery but almost not thrills at all. It does make for a good starter coaster, and the second half of the ride is a bit peppier, but we expected a bit more from the Roller Coast. 5-Average.

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