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Magnum XL-200 reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Magnum XL-200, a roller coaster at Cedar Point. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: November 3, 2011

Built by Arrow Dynamics, this was the worlds first hyper-coaster, and still the one with the best retro-dork cool name. With a 205-foot tall first hill and top speed of 72 mph, it made its debut in 1989 and soon after attained "legend" status.

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After 25 years, this ride has held up pretty well. Like others have mentioned, the wrong positioning of the lap bars can lead to some pretty bad thigh pain on the airtime hills near the end. Also, the back cars gave us a pretty rough ride this year - lots of bumping around on the turns and bunny hills. We found the front and middle of the train to provide the best rides. Maybe it's sacrilegious to suggest this, but I'd like to see new trains on Magnum. The whole ride - especially those bunny hills - would be even more awesome with Intamin or B&M trains. - Roger S

If you were to ride Magnum or any other Arrow hyper and then a B&M, the B&M would seen much, much better because of the seating. The lap bars on Magnum are really low like the bottom part of a seat belt in a car so if you're not a hands up person there's literally nothing good to hold on to. In the next 10 years, though it may sound dumb, I'd love to see a redesign on the trains with seats that lean back a little like B&M and better lap bars. Magnum is still a good, maybe great coaster with tons of airtime, and plus, there's never really a line. It's certainly something you can't skip. - Bradley Keith

Magnum XL-200 was the first ride i rode that topped 205 feet i just went to the park in may i went with three of my freinds and let me say the worst part was the time it took to get up i remember that my freind started crying once we got to the top we exchanged are goodbyes and went down the feeling in yourstomach was amazing and then all of a sudden ur at the top of another hill heading down and speeding up! then its pitch black and some great air time then u reach the pretzel turn and that was the part we me and my freinds said ! that was good! but it wasnt over as we go into another dark space we get more airtime and the rest of the ride is reletively smooth but still keeps u smiling this is one of the best coasters in cedar point - ed shaheen

A great ride that everyone can enjoy. Has a great first hill and plenty of airtime. I will admit though that you need to try and make sure the the lap bar is as lightly tightened as possible because if it is too tight trust me it will hurt but even if you do get a little banged up it still is a great ride and is my fifth favorite coming behind the Raptor, Dragster, Maverick, and Millennium. 9/10 - Shayne Nissen

This is an INSANE airtime machine but far too rough at the end. I don't like ejector airtime especially when it is this painful. Thankfully the short lines, great beginning and long duration save this rougher ride from becoming a bad ride. It is the 4th best Cedar Point roller coaster and the 7th best I've ever ridden. Must ride. 9/10 - Edward Morgan

Only 1 coaster with more airtime & that's PowderKeg @ Silver Dollar City. The tunnels are awesome! The slow lift hill gives you time to get really nervous. Intensity: 7/10 - Will Gibson

And the Magnum comes in thiiird!!! Before the millennium and the dragster this was my fav! great first drop! I dont care about loops and cork screws, as long as those hills give me butterflies! My dad took me on it when i was about 10 yrs old and at the time the magnum had the tallest hill i had ever been on.. i loved it.after words we got a picture printed out from right before we went down. Today I went with my friend and we saw the pictures after, I had to get it printed out because still,ten years later,i had the same expression on my face (but with out the oh "TISH"look ) - Ann Marie krystofek

My fourth favorite ride in the park after mean streak, millenium force, and dragster. A better ride then apollos chariot and actually a real hypercoaster.9/10 - Steven D

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