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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

Robert Niles

Photo of Mantis

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Published: September 2, 2014

This B&M stand up coaster opened in 1996. It features a 137 ft first drop and 4 inversions, including a 119 ft vertical loop that has great hangtime. Many of the standard B&M elements are included...the dive loop, the inclined loop, and the flat spin are all here. This ride is fun, but beware of the over the shoulder restraints. Cedar Point announced in September 2014 that the ride will close on Oct. 19, 2014.

Joe Schwartz
Intense and still packs a punch. But really tough on the knees.
James Rao
Mantis is a B&M standup rumored to be changing significantly next year (2015). We actually enjoyed this coaster and visited it several times throughout the day. It has a long course with a variety of fun elements that combine for a thrilling ride. As long as you remember to crouch slightly right before they lock you into position (in effect giving you a bit more room to stand) you won't experience the discomfort that usually comes with these types of rides. 7-Good.
Joe Strutz
I personally really liked this ride! Sure it gives you horrible leg cramps but if you don't lock your knees or legs it really helps a lot and you only get minimal cramps. I do think the cramps are worth it for this ride, it's very intense and great for a stand-up coaster!
Lexi R
Thought the size and track layout was impressive for a standup coaster, but the head banging made it impossible to ride more than once. (6/10)
Roger S
For the sake of my calf muscles, I won't ever ride this again. I had ridden it three years ago, and it gave me terrible calf cramps. I tried it again this year to see if my previous experience was a fluke. Nope. The calf cramps were worse this time. I was relieved when the ride ended. My calf muscles were still very sore the next day. I wish CP would put new cars on this and make it a floorless coaster or something like that. The stand-up thing just doesn't work. The first drop and loop are great. After that... ouch.
Raymond Ass
This is my favorite at Cedar Point. It's so high and fast relative to other stand ups I've ridden and it has more inversions. I heard that it was the highest stand up in the world when built I'm not surprised.
Jeff K
Rode 8/29/2012 It is OK. Standing up gives a coaster a different feeling. I've been on two (Iron Wolf & Mantis). I generally like them. I agree they do put a lot of pressure on your legs, but if you know that going into it, it is tolerable. Ride this once, just to say you have done it. Do not wait over 15 minutes to do so. The turn at the top is a great feature of this coaster.
Mikael Vagen
Mantis is a decent coaster and if you sit in the middle (not up front or behind), you wont understand why people are hurting so much. Just follow the instructions in how to stand properly, with straight legs, and you'll be fine. However, despite minor disorientating, the front right seat is my favourite seat. And... to me the best part of the right is the pre-drop turn in that seat, weird but true. It's worth a ride, even if you wont love it.
Edward Morgan
At 5'6" this hurt, oh this hurt. My favorite part was the lift. If you have legs this will hurt very badly. It was intolerable. Tear it down and build an amazing flying roller coaster! I will give it credit for its track. Also, I have been on Shockwave at Kings Dominion and was fine, i kinda liked it! But this! This is Terrible. 1/10.

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