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Swing ride
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

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A Huss Giant Frisbee. Maxair sends riders swinging 140 feet in the air at 70 mph while also spinning 12 times per minute. It's an airtime machine.


I wanted to ride this but I chickened out :(
Rode 8/29/2012 - I have to admit I was a little nervous to go on this, I am usually a coaster only person, no flat rides. But a friend of mine really wanted to go. And. It. Was. Fun. Actually feel a lot of Gs on this. And the spinning just added a lot of variation on this, rather then just going back and forth. Oh yea, you are up in the air a long way too!!! Line moves fast, it is worth checking out.
this ride is very neat even though the line looks long still get in it lets say their is 400 people in line that means you just have to wait 8 rides because the ride holds 50 people great space fun ride !
This is hands down the best thrill ride at Cedar Point it is totally awesome. The spinning adds to the thrill and I mean just think about spinning 140 feet in the air. Amazing and I would ride it over and over again. A good tip would be that if the ride seems really long get in line anyways because it seats 50 people so the line moves really fast. A must ride when visiting Cedar Point. 10/10
I will be the first to say I didn't like it. I enjoyed Skyhawk but I found the spinning unnecessary and nauseating. The airtime was fine but the line was so hot and long I almost passed. Didn't help that some spit on me. 7/10

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