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Mean Streak

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 4 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The world's tallest and longest wooden roller coaster when it opened in 1991, this Curtis D. Summers, Inc. creation will close at the end of the 2016 season.


I can honestly say I've never ridden anything so rough in my life. This coaster was legitimately painful. I think it was trying to kill me. After every drop or new element it would try again. Just let this one die out peacefully...
Mean Streak is a painful abomination to the legacy of excellent coasters at Cedar Point. There are far better uses for this area, such as a flying coaster (it is literally right next to the lake, only interrupted by the cars, and would make for an excellent photo opportunity of a flying coaster over the ocean) or an RMC topper job (has great track length and layout and could end out as a challenger to the Twisted Colossus).

As it is, while a fine ride in concept, roughness ruins the ride and makes it unwelcome after one ride.

The big problem with this attraction are the trains. They shake way too much when you would think they shouldn't and can rattle you around quite a bit. Usually you get a better ride with the front row of any car. This does have potential though b/c of the big drops and the banked turns. I don't think they have to do an RMC treatment to solve these problems, if they use new trains and also fix the brakes during the first drop and middle of ride, this could be an 8 or 9 but for now... Rating: (6.5/10)
I can honestly say this is the only coaster I intentionally skip when I'm at a theme park. I rode it once, and to say it was a waste of time is an understatement. I'm surprised it's so bland, considering other Cedar Fair parks have decent woodies, including Ghostrider and The Beast. Cedar Point needs to do themselves a favor and retrofit this with some steel tracks and a few inversions!
I find this ride to be very dull and uneventful. There are a couple decent drops at the beginning of the ride, but pretty much everything after the mid-course brakes just drags out the coaster without adding anything.
Mean Streak wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it might be, but it was slow, and really not fun at all. One-and-done for me. A Texas Giant redo would be perfect for this Dinn Corp woodie, so I hope it is on Rocky Mt. Construction’s list of upcoming projects. 3-Weak.
I really like this ride, at times. When it opened it was a fantastic ride. Truly amazing. Then they added trim brakes... The problem with the trims is that the train runs at a speed that is below the designed speed for the banks and turns. So it is now lurching and wallowing (actually MUCH rougher) around the track. If you can swing it (and trust me it is ultra ultra ultra rare), to get a ride sans-trim brakes the experience is simply fantastic. The ride is transformed. Fast and much much smoother. The car is on the wheels through the turns instead of the pads and the banking is suddenly just-right.

It is still a top wooden coaster for me. Beast would be my #1 and The Mean Streak is like #3-4 for me (without trims).

Sadly, with the trims it is pretty awful. So I suppose my rating is with a caveat.

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