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Mean Streak reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Mean Streak, a roller coaster at Cedar Point. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: May 23, 2012

A massive wooden coaster. It is 161 feet tall and reaches speeds of 65 mph.

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I did not find mean streak to be as painful as other reviews have suggested! It was average bumpiness compared to other woodies, even less so than the blue streak. However the ride had been trimmed so much (probably the complaints) that it was pretty boring. With its large drops and overbanked turns mean streak still has lots of potential if the trims are taken off or it gets the Texas giant treatment. (6/10) - Lexi R

This is the most beautiful roller coaster I've ever seen. It's built on the side of a hill and the banks are both really high and broad. Riding it is another story I've only rode it once. It's uncomfortable but I'd ride it again. - Raymond Ass

This is the closest I've come to saying "Intolerable or Unsafe." Easily the worse wooden coaster I've ever ridden. And I can take a beating. Son of Beast was my favorite woodie. So someone who loved SOB and finds Mean Streak horrible, well, you can guess how bad it must be. Seriously, don't ride it. Please. It will give you pain for the rest of the day. Texas Giant treatment is used to literally save coasters and it seems like the only thing that could be done to make Mean Streak enjoyable. - Bradley Keith

This is the only coaster anywhere that I absolutely hate. I've never experienced so much pain and discomfort on a coaster. It gave me a headache, a bruised hip and elbow from being slammed around, and an ache in my shoulder. I think Mitch Hawker's 2010 poll at CoasterCritic.com sums it up pretty well - he had Mean Streak ranked 173rd out of 180 wooden coasters. (I tremble to think what 174-180 must feel like!) - Roger S

so painful and loud, the first drop threw me so far forward that i was almost facing the track between two cars, and the giant banked turn was too high for the initial sped of the drop, so the cars lingered at a 50 degree angle for what seemed like forever. this ride needs to be refurbished. the worst ride i have ever been on. last summer me and my brother michael rode it and we hated it, i came of the ride with bruises on my arms and blood dripping down my ears(no joke) that is how this ride is - Steven D

Rode 8/29/2012 - I rode this when it was first built, back then it was a lot of fun. Rough yes, but it is a wooden coaster and you should expect that. Now that they put the trim brake on the top of the first hill, really killed the speed of this ride. Ride it once, then move on. If the line is over 10-15 minutes, come back later. - Jeff K

they fixed it yayyyy its no 10x better to bad their taking it down... - ed shaheen

Went on this ride a couple years ago, and I absolutely deplored the ride. It was extremely rough, to the point of shaking me so hard I had a migraine afterwards. However, they recently mentioned that they rehabbed Mean Streak, so it has to be smoother, right? Not for me. It is still one of the absolute worst rides I have ever ridden. In fact, my second (and last) ride on this abomination not only gave me a huge headache, it also slammed me against the side, hurting my ribs. I love coasters, and will ride damn near anything, but this ride is just way to painful to even think about riding. My only positive thing to say about this is that you get a great view at the top, which you won't remember due to the extreme shaking you will endure after that. Avoid this ride at all costs. - Tim Odom

Honestly I don't what people say about the Mean Streak. Most people I hear about are like this ride was so bumpy that I will never ride it again. Frankly I think that the one comment that said that when they were in line for the maverick 25 to 30 people said that they hated the Mean Streak is a little bit of an exaggeration because I know lots of people that love this ride including me. Now don't get me wrong this ride will never be as good as the Millennium, Maverick, Dragster, Raptor, or Wicked Twister but it is a ride to take a look at because it is a classic wooden ride and I mean cmon you can't go wrong with riding one of these. For that reason I give it an 8/10 - Shayne Nissen

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