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Drop ride
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

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Four towers either blast you up (Red) or Down (Blue) 240 feet.


No longer needed at Cedar Point, should just go the Six Flags (great adventure/magic mountain) route and install a drop tower on the Dragster. Barely draws in a crowd, low capacity (which is not too harmful as the lines are never too long for this one), and overall old and out of date.
Power Tower seemed really unorganized if that makes since. There was no line and they just told you where to go (they didn't let you choose) and we went up a few feet, sat there for what seemed like quite a while, then finally went. (I did the launch one) It is one of those rides that you can see how it used to be good but it's not one of those "that was amazing!" anymore. Gyro Drops like Drop Tower at Kings Island are much better and easily fit in the "that was amazing!" category. One could easily skip Power Tower, it's really not worth a ride but if so I recommend the green one, as the launch (red) one is practically over after the launch because there's no stomach dropping sensation in the drop(s).
power tower truthfully scared me more then ttd because i have had bad expeireances with it but when i did it it was ec==xtremely amazing the drop knocks the scream right out of you do the green one though bcus the red one sucks
Power Tower is one of the best thrill rides on the planet. It can provide you with the thrill of plummeting down 240 feet or shooting you up 240 feet. The Green one shoots you down. The red one shoots you up. My favorite is by far the Green one because it give you the thrill of being so high up then just falling. Now the Red one is still thrilling just not as much as the Green one. 9/10
The adrenaline on the shot to the top is great. I thought it was very good. A little theming or coverage would be much appreciated. 9/10

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