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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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Built in 1994 by B&M, this inverted coaster features six inversions, A vertical loop, Zero-G-roll, a cobra roll and two corkscrews.


It was my second favorite coaster in the park. The helix were very forceful. The ride itself was very smooth. It was really fun in the back row because you couldn't see the track up ahead and what was coming up, you'd just kind of get thrown into it. It was excellent...
Good ride, but can get very crowded in the morning, should do in afternoon while guests are in back. Like Gatekeeper and Rougarou, good for inversions, but this ride lacks in comparison to other inverts.
To me, Raptor is the worst of the best as far as inverted coasters go. It's a top tier ride, but not as good as rides like Afterburn or Alpengeist. The ride is a good length, is really smooth, and has great pacing. I do think it gets a little less exciting toward the end of the ride, but I still consider this the best non-Intamin at Cedar Point.
A real fun B&M Inverted with great elements. A very quick ride. That is still quite smooth.
Raptor is a good B&M invert, with some real nice elements, but after riding Banshee at Kings Island, no other inverted coaster will ever be as good. I did like the helix at the end of the ride as it puts some massive pressure on you, but overall Banshee is just a far better experience. 8-Commendable.
My favorite inverted coaster! Alpengeist may have a bigger first drop, but Raptor is still the best overall ride with a better combination of elements that are just plain fun. My favorite seat is the back. You get whipped through the curves and loops faster, and you often can't see what's coming next. I've ridden Raptor at least 25 times, and it's always been a smooth ride. Love it!
A long, drawn-out coaster with an unnecessarily bumpy ride. All in all, a waste of time.

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