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Shoot the Rapids reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Shoot the Rapids, a roller coaster at Cedar Point. (The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.)

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Posted: July 20, 2013

New for 2010, this $10.5 million Intaride shoot-the-chutes ride features two drops, of 85 and 49 feet, with 10 10-person boats on the circuit for the approximately two-minute ride.

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It was a 15-minute wait on a 95-degree day. I wasn't expecting thrills; I just wanted to cool off. It met my expectations. It's a nice, pleasant diversion on a hot day. If it's not really hot, I'd skip it. - Roger S

Easily the worst ride in the park. I was expecting a fun, well-themed flume ride, all I got was a terrible flume ride where the boats are not weighted right and a ride that gave me less thrills than the Jr. Gemini. The story is supposed to be that you are going to try to find who is distributing the Moon Shine in Frontier Town. Now, maybe if I have took a couple of shots of Moon Shine I might have found this ride more enjoyable. Cedar Points idea of "Themeing" is just putting up a couple of cheaply made signs the read "Rough Waters Up Ahead"! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm not expecting a ride like Splash Mountain, but at least do something that will make this "Themed" flume themed. Add some of those Damn Skeletons from the train ride if you have too. The first hill is not exciting because it just skims across the water and then you get SOAKED! I don't understand what the Cedar Point Reps. were thinking! The Cedar Point Reps. believe that when people want to go on a water ride they want to get SOAKED! I am still waiting for the day where Cedar Point has a nice water ride where you will just get wet and not drenched. Then you move on to this sad excuse for a waterfall that doesn't even hit you. The water that comes off this waterfall is that of a Drinking Fountain. It barely gets you but it wouldn't matter because your still dripping from the first hill. Then you pass a poorly made town that only has three buildings and then you pass three water sprayers that fail to hit your but, then your on your way to the second and "Thank God" the last hill. The last hill is pretty unique because you "Shoot" through a little canyon created by a bunch of rocks that have water flowing around them. Now, what makes this hill unique is that there is water sprayers on each side of the boat going down and they do hit you. After the hill you are right back to where you came from. This ride is absolutely terrible and nobody should ride this ride. Not even if it is the hottest day Ohio has ever had. Go on the other Cedar Point water rides because you will get soaked (like you will on this ride) and the lines will be WAYYYYYY shorter (by at least 30 mins). Don't waste your time. - Mathieu Adkins

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