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Top Thrill Dragster

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

Robert Niles

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Published: May 11, 2014

Top Thrill is an Intamin accelerator coaster, and the worlds second tallest coaster. Launches riders from 0 to 120 MPH in under 4 seconds and up a 420-foot tower, then quickly back down while twisting 270 degrees to the right.

AJ Hummel
Top Thrill Dragster is my favorite of the Intamin Accelerators, as while the coaster is short it has a great launch, a very tall hill, and an interesting spiraling drop that isn't rough in the slightest. While not the best coaster at Cedar Point, it is a bit of a waste to visit and not ride once, even though Top Thrill Dragster can have huge lines due to capacity issues.
Joe Schwartz
Very intense and short. The dragster has quite a lunch and speed and is really fun, but it is over to quickly.
James Rao
Such a mixed bag. On one hand you have an incredibly thrilling and unique coaster experience, and on the other hand you have a very low rider throughput that routinely causes two hour waits. Definitely a must ride, but ride early or late, or spend a small fortune buying Fast Lane Plus, because you do NOT want to wait in a super hot line watching FUN TV for two hours. (Note: avoid the front seat at night - bugs!). 9-Outstanding.
Nick Mitchell
Dwayne Kilbourne
While we'd love this coaster to last a bit longer, this launch coaster is pure awesomeness! The restraints are right, and the acceleration is pure!
Edward Morgan
It was INTENSE! A very fantastic ride with probably one of the points best attempts at a theme. The rush is unbelievable. You just sit there for what feels like hours waiting to launch. Then, when you least expect it, It happens. The launch was amazing it just takes off in a blur then you shoot up. My favorite part was the way up because It is so high. You then hang at the top while looking DOWN at Millennium Force. After that, you go down spinning and stop with a very smooth brake. It is my sixth favorite. A must ride at the point. 10/10
Mikael Vagen
The only place to ride is up front, can't stress that enough. In fact I'd rather ride once up front than 5 times anywhere else in the train. This ride is all about the speed and height. It was a bit disappointing but then again I had really high expectations for it. Thing is, it all happens to fast after the launch (which is amazing), you go up 420ft and drop down again. On Magnum XL-200 I felt the height a lot more (even though it's half the height) because of the ascent and waiting at the top. Here it all happens to fast. I also think the Intamin Lap Bars make you feel super safe, hence why Millennium and Dragster don't really give me that I'm gonna die feeling, despite being good rides. It's a good ride up front, but happens way to fast.

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