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Swing ride
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Think of a two-seater waveswinger ride, mounted on a 300-foot tower. That's Windseeker, a $5 million ride from Dutch manufacturer Mondial.


I am sort of annoyed that Cedar Fair was sort of like Six Flags; the multiples with same names. Then again, if Cedar Fair was Six Flags, Diamondback, Dominator, Leviathan, Jr. Gemini, Intimidator, and Silver Bullet would all be called "Goliath" so I shouldn't really complain. The ride Windseeker is much higher when you're up there than you'd think, and it's cool to ride at night. Cedar Fair has had tons of problems with their Windseekers, so if it's even open when you're there give it a try, but don't expect a whole lot and don't wait more than about 15 minutes for it.
this is definently a ride to ride atleast once when your at cedar point its amazing if u ride it at night cus the lights on it make it amazing but dont wait till nightime because it gets windy and when it geta windy it closes imediatly so ride it once and just hope u can have the expeireance to ride it again!
Not a bad ride not a good ride. Good ride for kids looking for new heights. It is a little boring and I would only wait a maximum of 15 minutes. 6/10
It's fine. If you missed it you did not miss out. I found it boring and short. It isn't worth a 10 minute wait. 6/10

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