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Motion Base Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Jump into your Time Rover and go back 65 million years to try to retrieve an Iguanodon before the meteor strikes, wiping out the dinosaurs and — if you don’t get back in time — you. You’ll encounter plenty of other fearsome dinos during your trip back in time, and you’ll be riding in a vehicle that bumps, spins, and jostles you throughout the trip, so this thrill ride isn’t for little ones or anyone with back, neck, heart, or motion sickness issues. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you might find it interesting in Dinosaur is the same ride as Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure, just with a different theme. The ride vehicles and track layouts are identical.


I rode this before Indiana Jones at DL, so I was blown away by these vehicles. Their movements are so realistic and exciting. I loved it. However, I now feel that Dinosaur could be so much more. There were a lot of patches of just pitch black throughout the ride, and the amazing technology is what really makes the ride. However, it is still a great ride. It is exciting and actually scares me at times. It's a must ride at AK. 8/10
I really like this ride, it has great theme and I love the ride tech behind it also . But I hope the good dinasour is a great movie and it wins a lot of money so we get a whole good dinosaur land to replace Dino USA, and this ride can be replaced by a good dinosaur ride.
Imagine riding a roller coaster, where every time you do a drop, you hit a brake run. That is what DINOSAUR feels like. Whenever something exciting happens and you're going fast, you slow down 5 seconds later. Also, the narration is really annoying. Everytime you pass a Dinsoaur, the voice is all like "This is a (dinosaur name)". It only gets fun during the end, which is pretty good. However, this ride is still very overrated. Indiana Jones Adventure is way better than this slow ride. 7/10
I thought this was pretty lame. Definitely designed with little kids in mind.
I was not a big fan. It just seemed like more bouncing around then anything else. Really ROUGH bouncing around. I was hoping for something a bit more.... Exciting.
I really liked this attraction. I loved the technology used in it and how it can create genuine thrills without any drop or real acceleration. The best ride in Animal Kingdom, even better than Everest IMO. 9/10
Dinosaur is a really fun attraction! It's probably my 2nd favorite attraction in Animal Kingdom (Expedition Everest is #1) because of the great queue, pre-show and uniqueness of the ride. The volume in the ride is a tad bit loud, but besides that, a good ride!
Overall - 8/10
I so remember the first time I rode this in 2010 during my first ever visit to Disneyworld. I remember mainly because of the fellow riders who could guess it was our first ride on Dinosaur since we acted so terrified and screamed all the way through the ride.. we had no idea it would be this intens but loved every minute of it. After the first ride of course the surprise is gone and it becomes a lot less scary. Still I love the immersive setup and can't wait to drag someone else who hasn't been on it to Disneyworld to watch their primary reaction!
My favorite ride in the park. Great theming and an intense ride make this an unforgettable experience. 9/10
Love this ride. The animatronics are great and the themeing is top notch.
Animal kingdoms hidden gem. Love this ride so much!! 10/10
There is nothing really wrong with the ride, but upon seeing the Indiana Jones type vehicle (from Disneyland) I was expecting more. Also, I don't think the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs actually hit them. The climate change finished them off.
Such a good ride, with genuine thrills and a similar concept to Spiderman without the 3D screens. The photo has changed position so the photo has everyone looking the wrong way which is odd. But this is what I think Jurassic Park should have done with their ride. A really fun ride, and the final scare is brilliant!
I feel that this ride is a hidden gem, literally. You would have no idea there is a ride there unless someone told you or you looked at a map, with such a plain exterior. The ride itself is great, though I feel that there is a missed opportunity here for Disney to create a branded ride based on a recognized property. Anyway, when it comes down to it the ride is quite fun. 7/10.

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