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Discovery Island Trails reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Discovery Island Trails, a walk through in Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: March 17, 2014

A walk-through wildlife trail featuring Galapagos tortoises, lemurs, cotton-top tamarin monkeys and other tropical creatures.

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I think the words of James Rao sums this up nicely: "There is a wealth of exploring to do and many hidden treasures, such as the Discovery Island Trails and the Oasis area." These areas shine in both day and night even with the surprisingly non-invasive netting covering parts of it. 9/10. - David L.

Not as good as the other trails, but still a nice walk. - Sean Huckel

This walkthrough isn't as in-depth as the Pangini Forest or Maharajah Jungle Trek, but it is a very nice stroll around the Tree of Life. You get great views of the carvings on the trees as well as quite a few very different animals, like lemurs and kangaroos. - Renee Michelle

Charming and relaxing to explore. - Kevin Crossman

It's a nice walk but don't expect anything amazing from it. It sure isn't anything to really remember about Animal Kingdom. 5/10 - D H

Great way to escape the crowds and take a stroll to see animals and the Tree of Life. - Mostly Anonymous

I love Animal Kingdom and think it is a near perfect mix of theme park and Zoo. There is a wealth of exploring to do and many hidden treasures, such as the Discovery Island Trails and the Oasis area. We spent about an hour before closing just touring through these areas with almost no one else around. I wish more people would take time to immerse themselves in the wonders of this park. Sadly, most people just ride rides and bolt, never really understanding that DAK is all about exploration. *Sigh* The limited attention span of the public is always a problem. - James Rao

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