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Finding Nemo - The Musical

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Live Musical Show

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Featuring elaborate puppets, manipulated by singers, this version of Finding Nemo is a live stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning Pixar movie, featuring original songs by the Academy Award-winning composer of Frozen, Robert Lopez. Check the day’s show schedule for times, then plan to line up 15-45 minutes early for seats, depending upon the size of crowds in the park that day.


Someday, they'll bring this to Broadway. I live for that day. Possibly the best theme park stage show ever.
This show works much better than the other "condense a movie into a 30 minute musical" stage shows at Disney Parks. The reason it works so well is because the original had no music, so the creative team was under no pressure to include everyone's favorite songs. The only challenge was in how to get all of the information across without hitting the audience with clumsy exposition bricks. I think they succeeded in that regard. The music works really well to get all of the emotions across, and the plot is condensed very well. The best example of that is in the "Gossip" sequence, where the ocean's inhabitants discuss plot points that didn't get to be shown on stage. The music varies on the good scale. Some of the songs are excellent, and some of them are either not that great, or go on for way too long. The only thing that prevents the show from getting a perfect score is the inconsistent casting. The puppets are beautiful, but every set of actors seems to have at least one who either can't channel the character they are playing, or they are just awful puppeteers. But overall, Finding Nemo is a great show based on a great movie.
Love this show !!
This replaces Tarzan Rocks that was above and beyond this puppet show.
I instantly regretted choosing to watch this show with my wife. We were looking for the exit halfway through the first song.
The production is top notch, as to be expected. Even so, the show plods along and never quite clicks. Maybe it's because the film had no music, but none of the new songs for this musical really work well or are even memorable. The Festival Of The Lion King and Beauty and the Best at Hollywood Studios are far superior overall.
This is the first Disney Musical my family has ever seen and we absolutely loved this attraction. It was probably one of our favorites out of our whole trip. The only problem was by the end of the show my ear drums were thrumping because it was so loud in there.
Our family loves this show. It's a must see every time we visit.
I just didn't get it. We usually love Disney stage musicals, but this one was boring to sit through. Tunes are forgetable.
IMO this is a stronger show than FotLK, but both are extremely well done.

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