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Minimum height to ride: 44 inches

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Disney announced in September 2011 that it is developing an Avatar-themed land in Animal Kingdom. This land will feature multiple attractions based on James Cameron's 3D film, the biggest box office movie of all time.

In October 2012, we learned that Avatar's main attraction would be a 3D movie-based ride, where visitors "fly" through scenes from Pandora. At the D23 Japan Expo in October 2013, Disney released the first concept art for ride, which will open officially May 27, 2017.


The overall effect: amazing. Unlike some other screen-based attractions, this one made me feel like I was really, truly flying. The sensation was very believable (a bit too believable for another person in my party- she felt motion sickness for hours!). There were points that made me audibly gasp, and parts that were beautiful beyond words. I have two critiques: first, the pre-show film is way too long, without adding anything of value as far as story progression, immersion, etc. The second is about the glasses worn for the attraction. They are not at all designed to be worn over other glasses, so keep that in mind if you're wearing glasses going in. They fit over, but in such a way that makes them too loose to be secure on the head once your banshee gets moving. Two people in my part wore glasses, and we both had a problem with the attraction glasses not fitting properly over our regular glasses. The ride instructions tell us to keep both hands on the handlebars, but partway through the attraction, we each had to let go with one hand to hold the glasses onto our heads. A minor distraction, but it took away from the experience. It felt like the glasses were already stretched out, which should not be the case so soon after the attraction's debut.
The GOOD: Incredible queue surrounded by a beautiful land. The ride itself has the perfect mixture of breathtaking visuals, thrilling moments, and an engaging ride concept. An innovative approach to flight simulation. I have never been on a ride that made me leave with such a feeling of exhilaration and wonder.
The BAD: The pre-shows are a little long... especially after the first ride. The ride vehicles can feel somewhat restrictive.
RATING: My new favorite ride in WDW (and perhaps beyond). I have never felt so close to actually flying. The minor issues do not detract much from what I see as the biggest must do in Orlando. 10/10.
Walt Disney World’s newest E-Ticket thrill ride is like Soarin’ on steroids. Riders climb aboard the back of a banshee and link to an avatar flying through Pandora for a simulator experience that is far more ‘active’ than any past attraction of its nature. You can feel your banshee breathe, the wind and spray of the ocean in your face, the plenty of scents and smells along the way, and drops that make it feel like you're flying through a real exotic world. Even though it’s a screen-based attraction, you are fully immersed in the experience, and can fully suspend disbelief and embrace the action. The whole experience is just immersive. The queue alone is one of the best in WDW and it takes almost 10 minutes to walk through the entire line. This certainly is now one of the best rides in America and is up there for best ride ever with Sinabad, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and Radiator Springs. You really feel like your flying over Pandora and every sense in this attraction is possible. This ride will be popular for years to come. FastPass+ is an absolute necessity for this, as it can get up to 5-7 hours waits!! Just fantastic. 10/10
Amazing. Best simulator ever built.
Wow! What a ride! This is like a mix between Star Tours and Soarin. It provides thrills, but also provides a sense of wonder that is Pandora.

The only minus is the seats. They are overly restrictive for really no good reason. It is a bit of a dark mark on a pretty flawless ride.

Ya, this is the best ride in America. There is no break in immersion. This is as close to flying on a banshee as one could get. The little effects, the crisp HD screens, and the length are just perfect. In fact, I wouldn't add or subtract anything. The experience is perfect. This competes with Journey to the Center of the Earth and Sinbad for the best ride I've ridden. While I do prefer those in the end, this is a strong competitor. Just incredible. 10/10
Just rode it last week and was blown away. I'm normally not a huge fan of "simulators" but this one is an exception. You really feel like you are flying through Pandora. By far the best of this type of ride I've ever ridden. Disney truly took an IP that I didn't necessarily care that much about and made me look forward to riding it again sometime soon. The lines have been very long but it is definitely worth the wait
I am sort of glad that Pandora: The World of Avatar did well, as it rescued the highest-grossing film of all time from the obscurity of 2009/early-2010 pop culture, hopefully preparing the public for whatever's next from Jim Cameron. Flight of Passage is undeniably the centerpiece of this, and it certainly excels in tickling the senses in a way never done before. My only problem with it was the motion blur applied to the film, which is projected ironically at a high framerate. This is probably the best choice in terms of health and safety, but it taxes on the overall immersion. I see it as a benchmark in attractions to come.
loved it!
best ride at WDW
Was able to experience this ride during Annual Passholders preview nights. I was skeptical given all the hype and I was blasé on Avatar as a movie. Theming in the queue line is Disney level attention to detail. Preshow was silly but expected. When the actual ride began, I was in shock - in a great way. Wow. You actually feel like you are flying over, under, and through this exotic world. The screen wraps far enough around and the 3D is seamless so that you feel like you are in Pandora anywhere you look. Also plenty of surprises. Best ride in Orlando easily and may be the best noncoaster ride in the world. Different level for this type of ride. Also wife who is prone to motion sickness in this type of ride had no problems. Warning. Seats are snug- lose weight to avoid the walk of shame. No Pooh sizes can fit.
The quality of the presentation is extraordinary. The experience is exhilarating and glorious. The panorama seen from atop the banshee is a genuine demonstration of grandeur.

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