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Disney announced in September 2011 that it is developing an Avatar-themed land in Animal Kingdom. This land will feature multiple attractions based on James Cameron's 3D film, the biggest box office movie of all time.

In October 2012, we learned that Avatar's main attraction would be a 3D movie-based ride, where visitors "fly" through scenes from Pandora. At the D23 Japan Expo in October 2013, Disney released the first concept art for ride, which will open officially May 27, 2017.


What to say, it's Soarin' on steroid, and is as much of a marvel technologically as it is visually to enjoy. The movie is a lot of fun with enough detail to stand up to multiple viewings (though good luck getting to ride more than a couple of times without standing in 2-3 hours lines). We managed 3 rides, but never got to go through the standard queue (first was at the start of the day when they run guests through the FP queue, and the other 2 rides were through the FP line), but from what I could see through the window between the 2 staging areas, it appeared to be pretty incredible.

Technologically, the ride is pretty ingenious with small vents at each seat providing the wind gusts and bursts of smell aside from giant fans that always make too much noise in full-theater simulators. The seats are very comfortable, and while there's a good bit of motion (especially between your legs), it never feels like you're going to get thrown out of your seat. The loading process is a bit complicated, but as more guests get used to it, it should increase throughput, and decrease standby wait times.

I do wonder how this ride will stand up over time because it lacks any sort of plot or adventure a ride of this caliber/intensity should have. You're flying on a Banshee around Pandora, but don't really have anything to do aside from take in the scenery. I would hope that Disney works with Cameron and Lightstorm to keep the experience fresh, especially with Avatar seq

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