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It's Tough to Be a Bug!

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Located under the park’s iconic Tree of Life, this 4D film featuring characters from A Bug’s Life actually premiered before that Pixar animated movie. The show includes all the typical 3D/4D gags, including objects seemingly flying from the screen, creepy-crawlies on your seat, and even a fragrant stinkbug. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid this show if insects, well, bug you. (Sorry... we couldn’t resist.)


A really fun 4D show that is family friendly with some funny humor. While it's not one of the best 4D shows at the resort, it's still worth seeing considering there isn't a ton of attractions at the park. The show is pretty standard but pretty good actually. The spider part is actually really well done, and the animatronic of Hopper is absolutely fanastic, in fact it's one of the best I have ever seen. This isn't entirely for kids as there are parts that will definitely make you jump. The theater itself is also pretty cool and I like how it's inside the Tree Of Life. 8/10
This is a decent 4D show. However, it is easily the worst in the resort now that Captain EO is closed. After Muppets and Phillharmagic, I just get bummed by this one. The show itself isn't great, at all. It is just predictable 4D gags you find at every single 4D show. However, what makes it is the fantastic section with Hopper. That animatronic is truly unbelievable. The part where the spiders drop down is also really cool. The theater itself is also really a sight. I would go to this simply because there aren't that many actual attractions in the park. However, it is a 6/10.
This is a really fun show, but so so short. The use of 4D is limited in certain areas. One time you get everything, and the next you get a couple things that are supposed to make you jump etc. Could well freak a couple kids out, and quite often a child in the audience will start crying, but it is a really good family friendly show, with some fairly good humour.

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