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Kali River Rapids

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Rapids Ride
Minimum height to ride: 38 inches

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Raft down the turbulent waters of the Chakranadi River through an Asian rain forest, aboard a 12-passenger raft. As to be expected on a river rapids ride, lots goes “terribly wrong,” and you end up soaking wet.


This ride is awesome. The drop is fun and plus this ride tells you a lot on how chopping down trees ruins the beauty of the rain forest. Who cares about elements this ride is awesome and it's put together so nicely. A must do!
I loved it! I traveled with my aunt & she does NOT like to get SOAKING WET so this ride was nice for both of us to do together.
This rapids ride was a HUGE disapointment. For the most part it was very slow and there was nothing to see. Then the final drop came and it was fun but really there is nothing more in this extremely short ride. Universal's Bilge Rat Barges kicks the ass of Kali River Rapids any time.
Good for hot days but I expected it to be longer. 7/10
With only one big drop this was not a highlight of the trip.
The last couple times I've ridden this, I have been more and more impressed. No it's not as good as Popeye at IOA, but in it's own right, it is a fun rapids ride, with a lottery as to whether you come off drenched or dry. Maybe a little more could be done with the theming but overall worth a ride
While the drop is fun and I did get reasonably wet, the theming and overall atmosphere of Kali River Rapids doesn't come close to the excellent Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges.
To short, to boring, to ugly.
Only 1 good element doesn't make a ride.
It's okay... Just a bit short and don't get that wet! (6/10)
I was actually pretty disappointed by this attraction. It doesn't really hold a candle to the Grizzly River Run attraction in California..too short.
Aside from a fun drop and top notch theming (it's Disney after all) this is as average as river raft ride gets.

The Popeye ride at Universal surpasses this in all respects.

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